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Thread: Faramir - Boromir

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On my third read through the books I noticed something, which I don't quite understand.

In chapter IV of book 4 , when Frodo meets Faramir the book says: (I translated it from dutch, so it won't be perfect )

he felt in his heart that Faramir, though his looks resembled Boromirs, was less ... (p313 in my book)

And the memory of Boromir, the hideous change that the attraction of the ring had had on him, was still very strong in his thoughts when he looked at Faramir and listend to his voice: they did not resemble eachoter, though they were very related. (p321)

My question is : is Tolkien contradicting himself here or is he just describing the voices in the second quote instead of their looks ?

And the memory of Boromir, of the dreadful change that the lure of the Ring had worked in him, was very present to his mind, when he looked at Faramir and listened to his voice: unlike they were, and yet also much akin.

Faramir resembled Boromir in looks, but not in character, hence the "unlike they were, but yet also much akin".

Frodo realizes that Faramir is unlike to Boromir in character, yet he still fears that the ring may have the same influence on Faramir as it had on Boromir, hence Frodo is reluctant to reveal everything to Faramir.
ah, i see
I was confused because on p321 he just talks about Faramirs looks before saying they didn't resemble.
thanks for the fast reply