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Thread: A Stupid Question: Laugh Away

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Last night while reading 'The Council of Elrond', in Book 2 of Fellowship of the Ring, I found a word I didn't know. The word was woves. I found it in the paragraph where Gwaihir whisks Gandalf away from the top of Orthanc, right out from above Saruman's nose.

I was then reading my 1984 dark green leather bound Easton Press edition. I have since found the same error in my 1974 red leatherette, slip-covered single volume, Houghton Mifflin Co. edition of The Lord of the Rings. My Ballantine paperbacks did not contain this typo, for it was obvious when read in context that the missing word was the combined force of the nemisis from Little Red Riding Hood and that of The Three Little Pigs. Teacher Smilie

Don't you now wish you had just ignored this thread? Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie

Sorry to have been a bother. I
It isn't a typo, although later on it was corrected in the belief that it was a typo.

Gandalf's mind had just been severely damaged by the consumption of gargantuan amounts of pipeweed throughout the years, so that he couldn't find the right word when orating before Elrond & Co.
Oh dearie dearie me, looks like someone has been reading too much Shakespeare...
hmmm...wonder if they have Shakespeare in Middle-Earth??
so what does woves mean
When i looked it up, it was always accosiating woves with wolves as in a spelling mistake, but then i thought could it be as in weaving, he/her wove something. silly i know but it could mean he woves all day but that wouold be weaving? i could be spinning his/her wheel alot, thinking of plots, weaving constantly Shaking Head Smilie Orc Going Huh Smilie I *shrug shoulders* i dont know im gonna be non stop thinking of this haha
You mean this piece?
Then I spoke to him and he bore me away, before Saruman was aware.I was far from Isengard, ere the wolves and orcs issued from the gate to pursue me.

When I bought my book (HarperCollins 2004) they said there were many typo mistakes in the very first edition which were made meaningly by typesetters (who considered dwarves instead of dwarfs,etc. to be an author's mistake)which Tolkien just didn't know about and they appeared unnoticed over and over in the following editions.And in the last few years Christopher compared the text with his father's original and assured to have corrected many of such misunderstandings.
So there are Wolf SmilieWolf Smilie in my book.