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how is soap made...??? Dunce Smilie

might seem really stupid but i will tell you why i asked the question when i know the answer..
All you ever wanted to know about soap
was just wondering cos in book 1. lotr
re- reading yet again...
when they get to crickhollow, they have a bath, with soap...

and i was just wondering if soap could be made in times like that..

thought it was a little suspicious thats all Big Smile Smilie
Of course they would be able to make soap. The ancient Egyptians and the Romans already had soap.
didnt realise that at the time...

well, they didnt have modern soap... no imperial leather or dove...

it was just one of those things that made me think... (it hurts sometimes Dunce Smilie )
I remember making soap in Chemistry when I was at college. It looked really good, as though you'd get a great lather, but in reality it would more likely burn my skin off due to the amount of sodium hydroxide that was probably still lurking around in it.

That's an interesting site, by the way, Mir. That's what I love about the net.... a world of information at your figertips.
I seem to remember in the American frontier that soap was made from ashes, lye, and lard; though I don't remember the relative proportions. Mayhaps Miruvor's link has that info.