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That's alright, I got pretty excited when I got my big shiny illustrated copy. But I never open it! I only ever use my knackered old paperback cos I'm scared of spilling guinness all over my nice shiny book!
this is kind of a question that didn't fit anywhere else and I didn't feel like starting a whole new topic because it kind of fits here, I guess. Sort of.

Anyway, with that intro...

My friend just started in on LotR. However, she got the whole series at once. She just finished FotR, and was very sad about the whole Gandalf-fell-into-a-hole thing, but then she realized that Gandalf isn't dead because he appears on the cover of the RotK. Kinda ruined the it just me that thinks this was quite poor planning on the part of whoever designed the book cover?
Nope, not just you, I think that really sux! I was so damn sure he was dead right up til he showed up again.
Yeah, sticking Gandalf on the cover of the second book does kinda mess up the plot a little...
hey come to think about it.....on this whole treacherous journey with several dangerous pitfalls, NOT EVEN ONE PERSON DIES
Frodo, sam merry and pippin all 4 hobbits who dont know the real world and its dangers.....they all live....
gandalf...when he died i thought the book was getting realistic, but then he pops right back again
aragorn....lives to b king
boromir.....well nobody feels sad for him when he dies coz at the last he kindof threatens Frodo and it's like goto hell
how improbable!
only the most powerful character in the whole story, who has control over millions of vile creatures, and is the darkest lord of the story, dies
Nobody in the Company except Boromir dies; however, plenty of the good guys die. Read "The Battle of Mundburg" on the last two pages of LOTR Vol. III, Book V, Chapter 6 entitled 'The Battle of Pelennor Fields' where it lists the dead of Rohan in song, as was the oral tradition of the Rohirrim.

Qustion: Where the song couples names, is the first the knight and the second his horse or are they all human names?
I don't have my copy anymore, so I couldn't tell, sorry *grondy.
I guess I'll just have to buy a new copy... I think I'll follow *Plastic in never opening it. Cos the one I had (up until yesterday, see explanation elsewhere) has loose pages, cover is torn, things like that. But it's still readable. And I'm very careful with it. (well, I was...) Smile Smilie
I too was totally convinced that Gandalf was dead, but I kept on reading, couldn't stop, cos I wanted to be sure that he didn't appear again. When Aragorn & co saw that white figure in Fangorn, I didn't even think it could be Gandalf. I was so happy I started to sing and laugh when I found out it was him! (I remember my parents looking rather weird when I did. haha) But the fact that he is on the cover of RotK does spoil it. You have to be totally convinced that he is dead and will not appear again before you get to the bit in Fangorn where he suddenly does appear again. Otherwise the whole thrill of "meeting" him again is gone... That would suck... Sad Smilie
And Grondy's right. Lots of good people do die in the battles. Just a great bit of luck that only one of the Fellowship died I guess. Though some of them were close quite some times, especially Gandalf and Frodo. I don't think it is unrealistic, you just take it for granted. I did... I didn't question it, but now that you mention it... Just part of the story... Smile Smilie
Yeah, what about Theoden? and Denethor? Hmmmm?
Those were indeed among the ones I was thinking about... Smile Smilie
Boo hoo! You just reminded me of Theoden's death. . That broke my heart Sad Smilie

Do you consider Denethor as one of the good guys? I could never decide how to view him...he was a mean old b*****d, treating Faramir like that.

Denethor was a good guy who lost his way...I didn't like him at all though. Favoritism...grrr...
I count Denethor among the good ones, yeah. I mean, you can't say he was on Sauron's side. That's what I mean with the good ones, you have the good ones (fighting against Sauron) and the bad ones (fighting with Sauron). Yasee? Wink Smilie
Big Smile Smilie
Yeah, he's no worse than Boromir. Probably because he's his dad. oops!
Ha! Thanks Huan. I thought that the horses were in there somewhere!

Who's Father Ted?
Dont think they would be making songs about horses. Probably people I think! Althought they did make that little ditty for snowmane...
I thought they were about the horses *embarassed*

Ah well, can't win 'em all
I don't have my copy hear, and I don't recall the song of Rohan, so I really wouldn't know. But like Alyssa said, I really don't think they would be making songs of horses. Though they are Rohan people, so you never know. (must have a copy of LOTR urgently, but still have to wait till thursday... AARRRGHH!!!)
Smile Smilie
"my lovely horse, running through the fields, where are you going with your fetlocks flowing in the wind.
I want to shower you with sugarlumps, and ride you over fences, polish your hooves every single day, and take you to the Horse dentist."
*'re really making progress as a singer...haha Big Smile Smilie

Actually, they might have been singing about horses...I don't remember the song or anything, and my book is all the way across the hall so I can't look it up right now...but, considering Rohan and the way they feel about horses, they just might have counted the horses into the song.
Dear Plastic - worried about spilling Guiness over your favorite copy of LOTR .... mm..interesting ...then quoiting Father Ted. ... with his wonderful Eurovision song with Dougal.... rohan horse sfor sure...(ps they are giving horse names and knights names..)
Some of that Black Stuff in the Black Lands for a few Black Riders would have won the war without any of this trouble. Would have missied a good lark though
Thank you for picking up on that one Huan, I didn't think anyone here would! And Father Ted is the single funniest irish comedy of at least the last Ten Years Ungoliant. Truly hysterical. Next time you're over here in Blighty maybe you should pick up a video? You'll love it!
Don't metion it plastic.
Speaking of Te, what about some great character changes.

What about Dougla playing Elrond? (Right there Gandalf, whatever you say. Say Gandalf who's this Sauron bloke anyway?)

Or my favorite Dougal playing Tom Bombadil - now that would be a pearl.

Even Dougal as Merry!

I think I have to get my cassettes out tonight and have a cuppas tea
Plastic, we'll probably have to stop the subltel cultural references here or someone will think its all a private joke.
I want Jack as Saruman!
Gandalf: Nooooo! Don't throw that bottle at me Saruman!
And Dougal should be Gandalf, nothing would get done, but it'd be really funny!
"What's that big fiery thing there Strider? A Balrog, oh right, one of those type of things. Course I know what it is"
Who's Dougal?
And I still don't have an extra copy of LOTR. I don't even have my old one back... Sad Smilie
Dougal could be a dog with a really bad sugar habit Wink Smilie or the stupid guy from Father Ted (which is who we meant). And go shopping Tommy. I myself have just spent 55 quid without blinking (whoops!) I didn't mean to, I just got carried away in the moment.
I just went shopping! (and my brother paid everything for me :P haha!) Big Smile Smilie
I need my copy back, urgently. I'm getting desperate! I want to re-read LOTR, and now I can't... Sad Smilie
One last Father Ted parallel, Mrs Doyle as Sam in mordor "Go on, Go on, Go on, Go on, Go on, Go on.........." Big Smile Smilie
Yes - yes yes - LOL. Excellent Plastic. I was wondering where i could get her in. In fact there's no end of what our Crilly Islanders couldn't act.
What about JAck-Gandalf
Dougal - Sam
Ted : Frodo and of course Mrs Doyl as.... Galdriel!
And NEil of the Young Ones as Aragorn
Mr Bean as Gollum
Morcombe and Wise as Pippin and Merry
Tommy Cooper as Elrond
Ronnie Barker as Gimli
Ali G as Aragorn (respect)
Eddie Izzard as Legolas
Lets open a new forum for this !
ROFL!!!!! Very good. Eddie Izzard as Legolas! Perfect, Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer as Merry and Pippin, s'another good one!
Hahahahahaha! I finally got my copy back! Hurray! Drinks are on me (oh wait a minute, this is not a tavern. Oh, what the heck!) Cheers everyone! Big Smile Smilie
I've been longing for a good book for ages! Smile Smilie
Ok, here I go opening an old thread. But it is the first time I have read it. lol

Well, Plastic, this stupid woman in Texas, caught most of your Father Ted jokes, although it took me a few minutes. lol I have only gotten to see a few episodes. They are sooo funny. Yes, they play it on our Public Broadcasting Station (PBS) here. lol and we also get it on BBCAmerica.
Can I get a WOOHOO! Americans get Father Ted! They really do! *rapturous applause*
Yes, they play it on our Public Broadcasting Station (PBS) here. lol and we also get it on BBCAmerica

Here, too Mellie. We get BBC Canada. But our good ol' CBC has been bringing us Father Ted for quite some time. Roll on floor laughing many a time. Big Laugh Smilie I thought Father Ted was an Irish show?
Rowan Atkinson as Gollum? That would be... interesting. He sorta looks the part though LOL.
Big Laugh Smilie I love Rowan Atkinson! Watched him in "Rat Race" last night. He's soo funny! Big Laugh Smilie He'd do great as Gollum! Big Smile Smilie
I think Rowan Atkinson would make a great gollum.
Not only as Mr Bean, but the man is just sooo... funny! Big Laugh Smilie Did you see him in Rat Race? OMG nearly died in it!

By the way: hello there, Ringfacwen! Waving Hello Smilie
Very Big Grin Smilie

It's a race! It's a race!