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Thread: The Book was first step

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I am now 17 years old student in business college studying about computers. When I was young, at age of 9 I was home alone, it rained all day long and I was watching from the window to out, when I realized that there must be some interested books to read. So I went up stairs to my parents room and then I saw strange looking big book at the table, and I read from it: "The Lord of The Rings" then I started to read and that was the begin, I read it maybe over 12 hours in a day and when I at least finished it I wanted to read more books from Tolkien. And since that day I've been big fan of J.R.R Tolkien.
Nice story. Reminds of The neverending story.
Right... So what was the second step?
Well, I don't know about Oerath, but I guess my second step was when I decided to read beyond the basic story of LOTR, starting with the appendices. I remember being especially interested in the Tengwar, but I thought the chronologies and histories were great too.

Then in high school I wrote a research paper about LOTR (examining Gandalf as a Christ-figure), and that really opened the floodgates. I was reading through all these "secondary sources", books about Tolkien, books about LOTR, and I started to see just how much more there was to Middle-Earth that I had not yet discovered. I wanted to read about all that ancient history, and that of course led me to Silmarillion and Unfinished Tales, which would be "step 3".

I guess reading HOME was step 4 (which I still haven't finished), and joining Planet Tolkien would be step 5. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Gee, only seven more steps and you'll have free reign over this outstanding addiction. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Well I'm having a beer right now, is that step 6? LMAO!!!!!

Hey I just thought of something...there are 12 steps in a "12-Step Program". There are 12 volumes in the HOME series. COINCIDENCE? I think not... Orc Grinning Smilie
"When others see coincedence I see conspiracy!"

Yeh, that's an MI6 agents motto in Scorpia( One of the books in the Alex Rider series, pretty good books). Well for me these were my steps.
step 1: Read the Hobbit.
Step 2: Read the Lord of the Rings
Step 3: Read Silmarillion
Step 4: Read Unfinished Tales
Step 5: Read The History of Middle-Earth series
Step 6 Watched the Extended edition of The Lord of the Rings
Step 7: Found Planet Tolkien
Step 8: Starting to learn Quenya
I wonder what I'll be doing next? Big Smile Smilie