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Thread: Inseparable Friends

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I recall reading somewhere a bit where Lady Galadriel is talking about the length of her days and talking about her and Celeborn and how they had been together for a very very long time.Although cool in tone it suggested to me that they thought alike in many ways and that each complemented the other beautifully. I can see them sitting together of an evening and after all the talk they fall silent and as the stars send forth their sparkles and the moon her liquid silver to shine upon them ; in that sublime silence they talk still from mind to mind without a sound. I think they were inseperable friends even though they indeed were apart for a while.
The Nazgûl seemed to be inseparable f(r)iends.

Let's see... they conquered Minas Ithil together and redecorated the place together.. they went hunting for Hobbitses together.. they took a fresh bath in Bruinen together (and were washed down the river together)... and in the end they went down on their carrion birds together.
That's superb.!!! Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie

Clover you should give vir his award today itself.
Oh...that made me laugh...however...would you want to be friends with them?
you really are a kill. Honestly!. I suppose that is true in an absurd way. But they had no choice now did they? Smile Smilie
I wish wish wish you would write some stories in your journal of you as a child.
Were you ever a child? Smile Smilie
I can see this little tyke, big eyes already cynical. There you are sitting on your highchair scowling at whoever is feeding you.In baby talk you are insulting the person left right and centre and what do you get for all the hard work and used energy?
A flaming kiss on both cheeks and a 'oh look isn't he the most darling thing,did you hear him, he said 'clug'. What a brilliant brilliant boy! yes you are , you really are.(pinches those adorable cheeks.)
It just occured to me that I have not mentioned the most obvious of all inseperable friendship-that being the love and comradeship between Bilbo Baggins and Frodo Baggins. Their love spanned a tremendous long time and in the end Frodo could not be without his uncle. It may seem the uncle was not as effusive, but I don't believe that. After all by the end he was so very very old and unable to even remember anything. That would have been greatly healed I think across the sea and for the rest of their time together until they died I believe they would have delighted continually in one another's fellowship.
So true LeeleeSmile Smilie One of the scenes in Fellowship of the Rings is when Frodo meet upon Bilbo again is one of my favourites...
I think that Beren one hand and Luthien Tinuviel were indeed inseperable friends and got to be so twice , didn't they. I ask because I read about them a while ago and that was only my first time. But it certainly seemed to be the case, that is once Beren finally caught the light footed lass. Smile Smilie
I think that the question of this thread is a great one because I have been thinking about the answer for a while now. I would say that it would definitely be a choice between Frodo and Sam.
As far as personality is concerned, I think that I would relate to Frodo better. Frodo has an open heart, but also a wise strength about him. He would definitely be loyal to the end for a friend. Sam is more foolish and less wise, but was proven to be the stronger of the two in certain ways. Everything that Sam feels, whether it is for a flower or for another, he feels it very deeply. That is a rare quality and proof of trustworthiness. No one would betray someone that they loved that truly and innocently. It's tough, but I think I would still go with Frodo just because it would be easier to relate to his personality.
What a thrill to read your post Celebrian, because of all Middle-Earth I most relate to Frodo. My friends have always told me that I am of very gentle heart and giving on the one hand, and a source of grief and worry to them on the other hand because when I know I must do something, no matter h ow terrible or hard I do it and have done it to the point of not remembering the Shire anymore. And I have deep scars from it all that cannot be healed either in this life.
So often when I am the least ready they come to me and need me to be there for them, they trust me with such a great trust it breaks my heart. And I have never ever really felt I belong not totally , not really in their world. I love it, it is lovely, but I am always in my mind in that far off place, or readying myself for the next long journey and I cannot honestly partake or enter in to their happy way of life.Since I know that if I have no other gift, no other merit save this one -that I am trustworthy with someone's faith in me, I must too go with Frodo. I have learned a great deal about myself that I used to feel ashamed about, a freak really until I read Lord of The Rings. I no longer apologize for who I am . I just live it.
Thankyou for your comments.
I'm surprised nobody has yet mentioned Gandalf & Shadowfax.

JRRT wrote in his Letters that they, in fact, left for the Undying Lands together but delibaretely omitted this tidbit because mentioning too much is not good.
JRRT added Shadowfax to The Grey Havens for the second edition, in a revision meant: 'to satisfy queries what became of Shadowfax, also to remove the suggestion of the text that Frodo would not have immediately recognized Gandalf with or without a horse.'

Tolkien had already written (in one of the versions of the unused Epilogue) that Shadowfax went in the White Ship with Gandalf. He did write in 1965 that he felt it better not to state everything, but in any case 'a great grey horse' was added to Allen and Unwin second edition 1966.
Gandalf and Shadowfax? Very much so. I think Gandalf and Bombadil also were fast friends, in their own way. Gandalf almost seems nostalgic and wistful when he talks about going to see Bombadil and characterizes himself as a rolling stone and bombadil as one that gathers moss (I think). As if Gandalf longs for the complementarity, the perspective of bombadil is something he needs and can't get on his own.

And Bombadil seemed good friends with Farmer Maggot (what an unfortunate name!).

Strider certainly seemed to love his four hobbit companions and they him; I feel it especially in Aragorn's comment "there go three whom I love, the smallest not the least" and in his respect and understanding of the shire's borders and the hobbits' love to be free of the big people in at least that small corner of the world, but also in his visits to the shire as king.

Yes, and he bestowed upon them the honour to be buried next to him in Rath Dínen.

He had also planned for Legolas & Gimli to be buried next to him, but they managed to escape capture & execution and fled to the Undying Lands.
you dear sentimental guy.

I wonder if any of the many children of Samwise and Rosie were inseperable from their father and if is hurt him in his heart to be parted forever from one of them?
Me thinks that is why he ran away to the Grey Havens: to get away from all his many children; because Rosie was longer there to keep them out of Papa's hair. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Clover you should give vir his award today itself.

Whoops! That was back in May '07!. Sorry, Thorin, and sorry Vir...
But I will give a sole award for Vir here:

Model of Camaraderie: Virumor son of Shadow, brother of Wit, husband of Grief, and father of Ruin.
And clover please add "The God of Irony" to your list. Dunce Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Very Evil Smilie Orc Grinning Smilie
Oh dear! I don't know if I should feed into his ego like that...
I will reply to Your first question about Legolas and Gimli.
I agree with You about the fact that Legolas should have found a better and stronger friendship going with Aragorn, but i know that many times during our lives we also are attracted by something new and different. I think the same for friendship. New feelings and new interests are motivations of this.

Nevertheless this doesn't means that Legolas was more friend with gimli than with Aragorn at that time.
Well, Borromino, in my many readings of The Lord of the Rings I got the impression that if Aragorn has a really close friend in is not Legolas or Gimli. I rather think that his best Friend would be Gandalf who according to me was the one who really knew Aragorn really well (bar Elrond). I think that their special friendship grew in their many traveling in the wild together and the help they provided to each other.

It could also be that this bond existed because Aragorn might have known part of what Gandlaf's true mission would be in Middle Earth as, if I'm not wrong, he told the hobbits in Bree something like "Gandalf is greater than you shire folks know. As a rule you can only see his jokes...).
Friends? Aragorn had no friends, at least not at first. He had always been the loner, desperate to hide in solitude from the mocking gaze of the people of his father & mother, who understood even more than him his utter ineptitude to bear the burden of his heritage and the weight of the destiny that the cruel gods had placed on his slender shoulders.

Therefore it is not surprising how he remained in the House of Elrond, amongst that shattered folk of grey ghosts that chose to hide themselves away in their sand castles hoping in vain that the tide wouldn’t wash them away; away from his kin he remained, and would’ve remained hath he not run into the self-proclaimed likeness of Lúthien (a clear sign of her sinister ambitions) – undoubtedly he knew the story of Beren & Lúthien and what Beren had accomplished with her help (for he had certainly read much, what else was there to do for him?).

The moment he saw Arwen frolicking about in the birch woods he sensed there was a path of opportunity opening for him, and certainly Arwen must have felt the same --- rather than while away the years in Rivendell & Lóthlorien picking flowers and brewing potions of hemlock & nightshade she wished to be a Queen (did she not inherit the unwavering ambition of the Noldor of the Lady of Lóthlorien, her grandmother?) and henceforth agreed to ally herself to a meek mortal; undoubtedly during her years in Lóthlorien she had learnt much of sorcery & magicks which she put to use to make her chosen more formidable. It is clear that, considering her Noldor blood, Arwen would stop at nothing once she had decided upon her path (to which her father was obviously oblivious, being too busy with indulging in his daily bacchanals).

Indeed, countless are the whispers of her deeds in those days borne from ambition – how she ventured to the last resting place of her ancestors, Beren & Lúthien, and there invoked those lost spirits in a dark ritual to make their power hers; how she turned the banner of the White Tree from the noble sign of Elendil to a mockery, a tool of mind control when it was unfolded on the battlefield; how she bargained away the Lady Éowyn, a rival in love, to Faramir, et cetera.
Oh Virumor, you have outdone yourself this time. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie Your above post should be considered for Post of the Decade or Whenever.
Okay, this sounds silly but I think Sam and Bill the pony were very good friends, the best really, well as much as a hobbity person and a horse could be. I think Bill's being so very depressed and worn out from the abuse made him ripe for the kindness and care of Samwise and the horse in return, was a source of normalcy and comfort to the hobbit.
well at least they were every bit as close as all those children and horses and dogs from the old days tv series , right ?
You have got it right Leelee. Happy Elf Smilie

When Sam found that Bill had returned to Bree, Sam went directly to the stable, even before he had a pint of Butterburr's finest ale. And he took Bill home with him where the pony lived in comfort for the rest of his days, fed on the best grain and apples that Sam could grow in the gardens of Bag End. Sam's children also loved Bill and often rode him two or three at a time around Hobbiton. - (This latter information could have been found in the lost chapters of the Red Book of Westmarch, had they not been lost.) Read Smilie
well now that is a relief, thankyou very much Grondy. I thought about that for a while and it seemed to me there was something really special between the two, something almost magical within itself. Your support on this is a great relief, very great.
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