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Thread: Forests and Caves

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I was just re-reading chapters from The Lord of the Rings (because that's the only Tolkien book I own) and since I had forgotten all about Helm's Deep and PJ doesn't quite help, I began reading from there and further on to The Road to Isengard. So Legolas and Gimli are riding together and they have that famous caves versus woods conversation, of which I recalled nothing. Absolutely nothing. So as I read Gimli's account of Helm's Deep I felt my eyes shining and my jaw dropping. It was mesmerising. I understand how Legolas must have felt watching that powerful vision which Gimli evoked with his words. It's beyond anything I've ever read. Maybe a brilliant artist will do Gimli's caves justice.

Also, I can't make up my mind between caves and forests. If I could visit either Mirkwood or the caves in Helm's Deep, I'd be really confused. Being out in the open under the sun with trees and flowers is wonderful.  But to see how Nature has wrought the insides of caves would be awe-inspiring.  Also I have a weakness for glitter and shimmer, very shallow I know.  I would have eyes like eggs and never want to leave if I visited Helm's Deep once. But Mirkwood would be wonderful too. Think of all that's transpired there.

What about you?

The works that the dwarves wrought in the caves was nothing short of divine really and I can understand your feelings on that. I visited on some tours in the United States various caves that had glittering stalagmites and stalagtites and it was awesome.

However for me, that which is as one would say 'living', the trees , the grass, the open skies , the rivers running, these things, especially a lovely moss carpeted forest would be first for me. After that, the gulls soaring above the resltess churning sea.

Yes Odette and Lee Lee.  However my heart would direct me to Fangorn.  How wonderful it would be to walk to the roots of the mountain with Treebeard and hear his age old stories of nut and twig.  I long to gaze into those huge green/brown eyes and try to see the history of Yavanna's making.....

Yes Leelee there are some wondrous caves and I have visited a few of them.  One even had a lake in it and the glimmer from the water and the stalactites was stunning.

But I must agree with Brego, only I would drop to a knee and offer Treebeard and the other Shepherds my service.  I would dedicate my life to the search for the Entwives.  I would then have an excuse to visit every forest possible!  I know where a few acres of virgin, or Old Growth, cypress and pin oak, and water oak all full of dangling Spanish moss are.  The majesty of those trees is palpable and inspiring.  I can only imagine the beauty of Fangorn or even the Old Forest.  How awesome it would be to walk under the outstretched 'arms' of those magnificent old trees!


That is lovely. I did write a story of the finding of the Entwives on the journals.I just needed to write it.

By the way I like very much the  name you have chosen for yourself. It is a very noble sounding name. A keeper definitely.

Odette I just realised that from memory the special edition of the film contains a couple of lines where Gimli tells Legolas of his love of the caves. I could well (however) have imagined it because I have directed the films in my mind and imagined the missing scenes in PJ's visual style (which I love). Anyhow there are also extra Treebeard scenes which I loved greatly. The Song of the Search For The Ent Wives " Come Back To Me. Come Back To Me And Say My Land Is Best" Heart Breaking.

Caves or Forests.... even though Gimli's description of the caves are truly wonderful, I am not one for closed in, underground places. I would not feel at home. On the other hand, I absolutely love trees! So, for me it would be forests first, and like Leelee, the Ocean next, then perhaps the plains of Rohan...

As long as this doesn't reach my brothers....... I'd prefer to visit Mirkwood.

But seriously, you didn't hear anything...

Ah Gimli that is too adorable, but I don't doubt your feelings. What a guy!

Odette and all.  There is a wonderful illustration of The Glittering Caves created by the very talented artist Ted Nasmith which was used on the cover of The Tolkien Companion.  You can just see Gimli with a torch in his hand showing Legolas the extensive and magnificent cave system.  I can look at it for hours.

I dont remember seeing it but i will hurry and take a look. Truly Brego you are such a sensitive elf. I am quite sure Lord Elrond and company would have delighted in you.