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Thread: Boromir's horn

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Hi , I've tried to work out if Frodo and Sam heard Boromir's horn as the fellowship broke. For me getting a grasp on the timeline on that chapter is a little confusing. What do you guys recon?
I'm pretty sure they heard it. I believe Faramir heard in as well.
Yes, I would have thought they heard too, however Frodo was surprised when Faramir told his story and was worried about the fate of his companions. If they heard the horn surely they would have turned back, or discussed doing so. It's something that's bugged me for a while now and I'd love an exclamation .

I don't doubt that they heard it, but by the time it was blowing Frodo and Sam were already firmly convinced that they had to leave the fellowship, and were already sailing away. I think Frodo was surprised more that Faramir heard the horn then that the horn was blown. We must remember that Boromir had just tried to take the ring by force. I found this quote in chapter ten book two, Frodo is talking to himself.

"This at least is plain: the evil of the Ring is already at work even in the Company, and the Ring must leave them before it does more harm. I will go alone. Some I cannot trust, and those i can trust are too dear to me: poor old Sam, and Merry and Pippin. Strider, too: his heart yearns for Minas Tirith, and he will be needed there, now Boromir has fallen into evil. I will go alone. At once.

So we can see that the blowing of the horn would not change Frodos mind, since he already decided not to trust Boromir, and to go alone. If he is to go alone, he has to go ASAP, and he knows that if the others in the company see him they will at least send someone with him.

Not convinced I went back to Faramir's story and found this,,,"if it be blown anywhere within the bounds of Gondor, as the realm of old, it's voice will not pass unheeded" Now after reading that I'm going to suggest Frodo and Sam, didn't hear the horn as they had passed over the border,to the eastern shore.
I see it like this. In the past, the eastern shore was part of Gondor. So Frodo must have heard it. Frodo also knew that the ring must not be fallen into the evil hands. There was chance that might happen if Frodo turned back to Boromir.
Thanks for that Glorfindel, sorry for being so pedantic, and I'm gonna follow up the ancient history of the horn and Gondor borders. Day dreaming of M.E. seems to take a fair bit of my time these days, very colourful at that!
I consider the furthest eastern border that got was to the black gates. Two towers were built to keep a watchful eye on Mordor. When the Gondorians abandoned them, Sauron's forces use those towers as foundations for the black gate.

And of course the Horn of Gondor was no ordinary horn! It was crafted from the finest materials (that weren't elvish) and was meant to be loud enough to be heard ANYWHERE in the realm of Gondor.

So even if Sam and Frodo had left the day before, especially with progress being slow, I'd definitely be willing to bet they'd hear something!

the Kine or Araw was the stuff that the nicest parts of the Horn were made of. so Gondor liked to go to the Black burned fields of Rhun to get killed by millions of Easterlings to get these things was kind of wierd, but the Men of Gondor were better warriors than they were.

No doubt in the power of the horn, it stalled the advancing Balrog in Moria momentary.Then I read in The Great River where Aragorn says "for even in their great days their realm did not reach up Anduin beyond the Emyn Muil".
No doubt in the power of the horn, it stalled the advancing Balrog in Moria momentarily.Then I read in The Great River where Aragorn says "for even in their great days their realm did not reach up Anduin beyond the Emyn Muil".

Hey Amras, just curious but where did you read that Gondor sent an army to Rhun and fought the easterlings to get the Kine of Araw? I could be mistaken but I believe it was Vorondil alone who ventured to Rhun to hunt the animal.