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The first one gave me
1. Amras
2. Amrod
3. Caranthur
4. Maglor
5. Curufin
6. Maedhros
7. Celegorm

The second one had me as Maedhros.

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The first one had me as Caranthir! I was hoping for Maglor or Maedhros...The second one wouldn't load
Even though I`m not a guy I took the quizzes anyway, cuz if there`s a quiz - I wanna take it!! I got Maglor for the first one and Maedhros for the second one!

Funny enough, probably at least half of the people who have taken those quizzes over at CoE have all been gals. I think girls also created both of those quizzes? Anyway, it’ all in good fun! You got Maglor, and Maedhros too eh, sounds like we’re somewhat alike. I’m a quiz fiend too; there are some really other good ones over at CoE. Maybe I’ll post a few of the better ones over here?

The second one wouldn't load

Give it a try again sometime uruk_slayer, it seems to be working fine now.
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I was unable to do the first one, according to the second one, I'm Maedhros.
Are we all Maedhroses here? Smile Smilie
Are we all Maedhroses here?

I think that's probably a good thing, and is probably pretty telling of how I think most people are around here!
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My Life For an Elven song this is my results .I try too answer honestly ...!

The first one gave me:
1. Amras
2. Amrod
3. Maglor
4. Curufin
5. Caranthir
6. Maedhros
7. Celegorm

The second gave me Maedhros.

However, I think I'm most like Maglor. Artistic, musical, sad, that the Oath should be broken.

"If none can release us, then indeed the Everlasting Darkness shall be our lot, whether we keep our oath or break it; but less evil shall we do in the breaking."

That sounds exactly like me. I doubt those quizzes. Ha!
Mine were quite strange....since I do not like any of the sons of F’anor.....but here they are:
#1. Amras
#2. Amrod
#3. Maglor
#4. Caranthir
#5. Maedhros
#6. Curufin
#7. Celegorm

Hahahahaha really goofyTongue Smilie
These are my results:

#1. Amras
#2. Amrod
#3. Maglor
#4. Maedhros
#5. Curufin
#6. Caranthir
#7. Celegorm

The second one was Maglor.

It was fun, but I still have to say my favourite sons were Maedhros and Caranthir!


P.S.: Try it! U won't regret it!

I became Maedhros on the first test and then Caranthir on the second one. I don't remember the entire order though, just that Caranthir was #1 and Maedhros was #3. Smile Smilie
Cool to see more people having fun! Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie