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Thread: Dior Eluchil?

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How come Tolkien does not make a big deal of Dior and his wife Nimloth the fair? I thought that Dior was a mortal man being born from Beren (man) and Luthien. I know that Luthien was an elf which would technically make Dior halfelven. But when Luthien and Beren died, didn't she also give up her immortality. That would technically make Dior a full blooded man if he was born after she had given up her immortality. Tolkien always made a big deal of intermarriages: ex: Beren/Luthien, Tuor/Idril, and Aragorn/Arwen. Shouldn't he mention Dior/Nimloth. The only answer I can draw from it is that since Dior decended from Luthien an elf, and Luthien from Melian a Maia. Of his mother's kin. Then from Beren ,a man on his father's side that Dior was infact a special 3 race blend. So would he be mortal, eventhough his life would be extraordinarily long, or would Dior be immortal? His title "Dior Eluchil" signifies "Thingol's Heir". The elves of Menegroth would certainly not suffer the throne of the sindar to be given unto a mortal man. Can someone with a knowledge of the books and lore please give me their opinion? Thanks this my first post. I have read all his books a million times.
When Lúthien and Beren returned to Beleriand and went to live on Tol Galen, they were both mortal. So normally, Dior should've been born like a mortal man as his parents were mortal. But he was still an Elf, though, because Manwë had yet to decide that anyone descending from Eärendil and Elwing had to choose to what race they'd be counted to. Also, the fact that he was allowed to take the throne in Menegroth and marry Nimloth who was Celeborn's cousin, clearly shows that he was an Elf.

The same problem arises with Tuor and Idril... it's not clear whether Eärendil was a man or an elf before he chose to be an Elf in Valinor. Ulmo himself had his doubts about Eärendil was.

After this issue was settled by Manwë, there weren't any problems anymore. For instance : Elrond chose to be counted amongst Elves. Elrond's children then, would automatically be counted amongst Elves, but they could still choose to be counted amongst Men.
Then Dior arose, and about his neck he clasped the Nauglamir; and now he appeared as the fairest of all the children of the world, of threefold race: of Edain, and of the Eldar, and of the Maiar of the Blessed Realm.

But now the rumour ran amound the scattered Elves of Beleriand that Dior Thingol's heir wore the Nauglamir, and they said: 'A Silmaril of Feanor burns again in the woods of Doriath'; and the oath of the sons of Feanor was waked again from sleep. For while Luthien wore the Necklace of teh Dwarves no Elf would dare to assail her; but now hearing of the renewal of Doriath and of Dior's pride the seven gathered again from wandering, and they sent to him a claim of thier own.

But Dior reutrned no answer to the sons of Feano; and Celegorm stirred up his brothers to prepare an assult upon Doriath. THey came at unawares in the middle of winter, and fought with Dior in the Thousand Caves; and so befell the second slaying of Elf by Elf. There fell Celegorm by Dior's hand, and there fell Curufin, and dark Caranthir; but Dior was slain also, and Nimloth his wife, and the cruel servants of Celegorm seized his young sons and left them to starve in the forest. Of this Maedhros indeed repented, and sought for them long in the woods of Doriath; but his search was unavailing, and the fate of Elured and Elurin no tale tells.
Of the Ruin of Doriath, page 282, the Silmarillion

there is nothing of dior and nimloth to tell. they were slain before they had any chance. the only role that dior had was killing celegorm and his death. his deeds are few and not as important as those of the other characters. it is by his daughter elwing who survives the attack on doriath that the bloodline of beren and luthien is carried on. that is the only important aspect of dior and nimloth.