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Making Out Smilie THERE IS SOME VERY DIS TURBING NEWS THAT I MUST BRING TO THE PUPLIC'S ATTENTION! THERE IS RESON TO BELEAVE THAT SOMETHING IS GOING ON BETWEEN FRODO AND SAM.NOTICE THE SMILEY !!!!!!!!!!!!! Making Out Smilie AND PIPPIN AKA SMOKY MICSMOKE FACE Smoke Smilie Smoke Smilie Shaking Head Smilie In Love Smilie Kiss Smilie Very Evil Smilie Lighening Smilie Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie Bad! Smilie
Welcome to Planet-Tolkien, Ferris greenleaf.

Sam and Frodo were friends. They shared a great bond and travelled together as companions through Middle Earth, sharing danger, sadness and joy. Nothing wrong with that.

Please can you not post everything in capitals as means you are shouting and we have to keep the noise down as the neighbours might complain.
Yes welcome to Planet Tolkien Ferris Greenleaf
Hope you will like it here. Smile Smilie

Sam and Frodo are not gay. Frodo would have gotten married too if the Ring and the wound from the nazgul blade hadn't broken him the way they did. Sad Smilie
I wonder who Frodo would have married?
Greetings Ferris!

Yes, I too wonder who Frodo would have married had he remained in the Shire and not taken the ship into the west. Like Sam and Rosie, I think all the hobbits would have made good husbands and fathers, given their stout hearts and still childlike dispositions (especially Merry and Pippin).
Hello and welcome Ferris.

Not this topic again! Shocked Smilie There were several of these threads just after the first movie came out. They all finally got stamped out though. Frodo and Sam, nothing going on there!!
hi everyone i agree with you .my friend put that down cuase she thougt it was funny. she came up with it not me.she wrote that when i was in the bathroom so don't take it seriously ok thanks!!!!!!! Tongue Smilie
Moderator Smilie This thread is for Tolkien's book Unfinished Tales. I am going to lock this thread as it is should have been posted under The Lord of the Rings or Characters and any further discussion can be added to Is Frodo in love with Gollum. Moderator Smilie