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Thread: Music of LOTR Movies

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Oh yes, Brego, that was old English...almost pure Anglo-Saxon; all the translations were done by David Salo...he did an amazing job....off the point a bit, but wasn't Bernard Hill amazing as Theoden ?.....

Can't wait for the Hobbit movie; do you think it will be as good..i think it will...oh, arent we lucky to be alive?....ok, my friend reading post over my shoulder...she has told me to stop now...she says I am embarrasing everyone..I get too full on you see....ha, Ha..lol...

Along with the song,the acting is commendable.I was thinking along the lines of Anglo-Saxon too but I'm not quite sure.It's very emotionally charged,the burial,the barren landscape,the tears.it's very strong.

And you are not embarrassing anyone Alana.I'm glad to know you because your so happy and bubbly.Stay that way and post as much as you wishSmile Smilie

Yes Alana I loved Theoden, his breakdown after the funeral with Gandalf and his speech regarding parents burying their children is heartbreaking, great acting from Bernard Hill.  One of my favorite scenes...

AWWHH!!,,thanks so much Odette, ...you encourage me so much....I def will keep posting...just put a post on the "fox" thread actually...ha, ha, ..lol...only i could get excited about talking foxes...ha, ha....what do you think about the upcoming Hobbit movie?...should be amazing!!...sorry, I guess this should on a different thread?.....

I know this is really "off the thread"...well "off the site" really...but ...oh.. ihad to talk to someone....!!....has anybody heard the John Williams theme...it is on the closing credits of Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire; it is called "Hedwigs Theme"...oh my goodness...the most amazing piece of music I have ever heard...it only lasts about 2 minutes...but I thought I had gone to heaven....then following it there is this amazing waltz... i just love Waltztime, dont you ?.....(3 beats in the bar)...& then it goes into Jarvis Cocker...well, that is a matter of taste i suppose...his song "dont let the magic die" is nice though....sorry, I had to talk to someone... iam still buzzing with "Hedwigs Theme"....mmmmm....ah!

Hey Alana,I'm posting my reply to your last post in this thread:http://www.planet-tolkien.com/board/745/4041/50/ 

i love the music of the movie special: The Ride Of the Rohirrim, Into the West, The shire and Andúril this are my favorite tracks

The theme for Imladris is wonderful, that coralling, sweeping choir, its so Angelic (or I should say Elvish) it is repeated a couple of times on the sound track.  Love it.

There are no musical scores in Lord of the Rings that i did not love deeply, each touched my heart in a different way. But I wonder at the music for the Shire, to me the signature music. Because , in my opinion it evokes, not the English world and way of life that Tolkien meant his work to do, but of irish,of the heart and soul of ireland, so I wonder at Howard making it sound just the way it does.

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