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Thread: Soundtrack

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The Dublineres....i think I do....quite good...I haven't heared 'Dirty old Town' yet.What about Fields Of Athen...Aten..ahem...'something like this and Riverdance?Hey,funny thing,Tommy,I thought the exact same thing-that I'm the only one with this passion....maybe we can start a club?!glad i can talk to someone about this!

ps...don't try the bath-thing at home!or anywhere-I nearly drowned myself Big Smile Smilie
I think most of the music was great...as for Enya well nothing's perfect
I have been listening to all three soundtracks trying to decide which I like the best. Howard Shore has done an amazing job of capturing the essence of LOTR. I have heard other compositions which have attempted to help us visualize Middle Earth through music, but only Shore's muscial score takes me there.
Which of the three do I like the best? I have to say The Return of the King, but Fellowship of the Ring places a very close second.
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