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Thread: which member of the Fellowship you are most like

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According to the Red Book of Westmarch,
In Middle-earth, (rather not tell the world) was a
Talkative Rohirrim.
My Elven Names:
But don't ya'll think Feawen suits me much better? Wink Smilie

My Hobbit lass name:Amarantha Sandyman from Sackville.
My Dwarven NameBig Smile Smilieain Woodenhammer (nobody call me that,please.)
My Orkish Name:Bâzdúsh the Devastator (lol)

Orc name: Shagburz the Mucous
Dwarf name: Malin Stealthmallet
Hobbit name: Orgulas Black from Girdley Island
Elf name: Tarnil or Tarnilion

And In Middle-earth I was a Frightened Olog-haiWink Smilie hehehe
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