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Thread: Mistakes

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Ah, it felt so good to abuse my power one last time. Can't change it back now, oh well... it was funny while it lasted.
Can you do it again? apparently i missed it.
The mistake I can think of is that there are only 8 Nazgűl chasing after Arwen in the Flight to the Ford sequence. ??When the camera is prob. in a helicopter, and u c the Wraiths in a formation racing towards Arwen from above, u can count; there're only 8.
Yeah CelebrÝan....I did forget that I really loved the movies at first.....but then I saw all the faults in it and the anger kept bubbling up inside me.....and I turned to books instead of movies.....I rather read a good book then watch a crappy movie.....but now I hate the movies and PJ.....but that doesn┤t mean that the scene when Gandalf fell was not sad......although it was wrong to...he should┤ve cried it when falling not clinging on to the ledge and saying: Fly you fools!
if you know what I mean.....but as they all said: Mr. AulŰ has taken over and Dr. AulŰ is gone.....Wink Smilie
Moderator Smilie I had to remove a whole hoaf of posts here; come on guys, keep it clean. Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie
Moderator Smilie
Hope you understand that I'm not out to get you AulŰ.

Heavens no! I didn┤t think that....I know why you did write it because you are curious and I think you are entitled to know that I had a grand change of heart.....
So don┤t worry sugarWink Smilie I ain┤t sad or mad....
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