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Thread: Give him a little credit

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I have to agree with you Aurora, and more credit to New Line for funding the whole project, even though they knew that the LOTR fan base is a fickle one. Take the huge flop of Saul Zaentz/Ralph Bakshi's Lord of the Rings which was supposed to take enough box-office to fund part two, and famously didn't as Tolkien fans didn't like it (and that one was near as dammit the same as the book). Thanks Pete, great job (in my view) can't please all of the people all of the time.
You are right Aurora Wink Smilie I agree with you!

I agree with you, but I liked the whole of both of the films and I can`t wait for ROTK to come out so I can enjoy that! Big Smile Smilie
I'll high five Peter for his films. There is much more good in them than bad--no matter what Ross will say. Happy Elf Smilie
PJ definitely deserves praise for his effort, and for the endeavor, and for all of the things he got right that we would have otherwise never seen. Again, I have to give him full credit for taking this nearly impossible task on. There arenít too many directors around nowadays that would have had the guts to attempt what PJ is doing.
Elf Smilie
Ross, I know you don`t really like PJ but cut him some slack. Chill. Big Laugh Smilie
(I know Ross hasn`t replyed to anyone in this article, it`s just incase he reads this forum. k?

[Edited on 6/2/2003 by Sheryl]
I know Ross hasn`t replyed to anyone in this article, it`s just incase he reads this forum.
Oh Sheryl Sad Smilie Now you are going to set him off in this one as well. Very Sad Smilie
Hey that's okay. Ross has to know that he is over exagerating just a bit anyway. He obviously just hasn't really thought about it enough, or at all...
Sssssshhh! You'll set him off again! Wink Smilie
Is he really that bad? He probably is I suppose!
PJ has recieved enough credit for the LoTR movies.... in the form of lots and lots and lots of cash ($)

I don't think Tolkien would have loved this commercialization/Hollywoodization of his splendid work.
Maybe Ross deserves a little credit!
Shhhh.... I can hear him coming Ignore Smilie
Oy vey! We all know that Ross secretly owns FotR on DVD/VHS and the extended version as well- along with his pirate d/l of TTT on his hard drive. Big Laugh Smilie

I don't think Tolkien would have loved this commercialization/Hollywoodization of his splendid work.

Hollywoodization? If that was the case it would have cost a mere $90 million US and been a single, two hour movie. How would you have liked THAT?

But you may be right about JRR not liking the films... at least, not until his royalty checks started quintupling! Christopher Tolkien sure changed his tune when FotR grossed near a billion dollars. Something to the effect of "Well, maybe it wasn't such a bad idea after all." 'Cause you know those book sales went through the roof!

Still, I have a hard time seeing what all the fuss is about. IT'S A MOVIE FOR CRIPES SAKE! THE BOOKS REMAIN UNCHANGED! Open one up and see for yourself! I swear it's true! See?!

Now, take a valium, relax, and enjoy the show Big Smile Smilie

And it's true, give PJ some credit... he did after all spend a great deal of blood, sweat and tears, not to mention TIME, creating the biggest film EVER made... which is a fact, no matter how you critique it.

Why, thank you Ringfacwen Big Smile Smilie

Allow me to clarify something. I didn't mean to suggest that Tolkien (JRR... not Christopher) would have been swayed so much by money, though now that I read my last post, it does seem that way. I apologize for that. More, I think he would have been happy to see a whole new generation (several, actually) introduced to the books by the film. Just look around these forums and you'll see that's true. And after all, the books are what it's all about Cool Smilie
It's true, it's all about the books. And exactly for this reason this is my last comment on any of the LoTR movies.