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Thread: Film

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Hello and welcome to PT Peter_II. Big Smile Smilie Unfortunately, I don't quite get what your question means, you may have to rephrase it, unless I'm just being a complete Dunce Smilie
BTW, you might want to edit the @ss out of your signature, or you'll find it's been done for you before long.

[Edited on 17/3/2003 by Peredhil]
Somewhere I posted the URL of a Website that listed the complete cast and crew credits to the movies; however, I no longer know where it is. I made it in conjunction toward adding to the Cast List over there in our menu to the left.

Does anyone still have a handle to where I posted the info? Was it a PM, email, or a forum post?
Sorry Grondy, I can`t help you there.
Can't make any sense of that question either....
Niether could I.
*dombfounded* uh.......
Peter II could you please rephrase that? Big Smile Smilie