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Thread: Legolas coming to grips with death

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Welcome to our forum Sepdet. Happy Elf Smilie

Having only seen TTT once, and as I'm still reading UT for the first time, I'll have to bow to your knowledge of what makes Legolas tick. Your analysis almost makes me believe you were there helping PJ and company write the screenplay; so how many times did you have to watch the two movies to obtain this insight. Cool Elf Smilie

A lot more than someone studying for PhD exams ought to. Wink Smilie

FOTR — 7 times in the theater, probably as many by now on the DVD.
TTT — I lost track around 4 or 5 but I bet I'm up to 8 or so now.
Books — read them at least once a year; have been doing so since about the year Bloom was born.

Do the words "obsessive compulsive" ring a bell? Smile Smilie

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Your insight into Legolas' character is very impressive Sepdet. I enjoyed reading your essay very much - you have a talent for writing - and I can now appreciate the character as more than just a pretty elf-lad now. Thank you.

I dont suppose I could use that essay for my Fan fic Mag?
Again, I'd be honored.

I like to think I never glommed onto him merely as a pretty boy. I'm usually immune to pretty boys. I was noticing a few other things.

(Who am I kidding? I glommed onto him because I'm an archer, and he shot three arrows in three seconds. Much more mature reason. Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie @ self)

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1) old enough that Legolas' actor scares me when I see him without the elf get-up because I realize how young he is

2) no. They don't allow same-sex marriages in this state.

(how's that for an unexpected answer?)

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Welcome to PT,

Great esay on Legolas, my soul mate! Wink Smilie (Well at least I think he is. Big Laugh Smilie ) I love Legolas and reading the books for, I won`t say how long, I know you`re older than a certain age bc I know when Orli was born. He`s only 15 years older than me. Yes, I`m eleven and proud of it, I`m at the prime of my youth! Big Laugh Smilie

I enjoyed reading your post very much and I can`t wait to read more of your posts in the future.

Well, see you around the forums. Big Smile Smilie
Hey sepdet, I only want to say that I really like your writing, oh yeah, a analysis (sorry you must understand my English is horroful ;-) )
But I am really impressed and it is fantastic to read such as thing.

I notist that Legolas was still young compare to other Elvs. But you really helpt me to understand more the way of Legolas and his thinking and Legolas adn Gimli, I think it is very important that Legolas is young and had all this new expierence, I think it is important for the fact Legolas and Gimlis deep frendship.

In this way THANKS ;-)))
You write a lot. Wink Smilie
That's a very insightful view you have acquirred of Legolas, Sepdet. Again you have written another wonderful post.
Remember also that, in Tolkien's scheme, Elves' souls return to Aman when they die. So while they're lost from Middle Earth, unless they make Lúthien's choice, they're not really gone. Men, however, "pass beyond the confines of the world", so to Elves they are doubly bewildering:
I don't want to seem picky, because it is an excellant post. What you have described here, however, is the fate of Men at the End. When both elves and Man die, they are summoned to the Halls of Waiting in Mandos. The difference is, after a time the elven spirits may leave if they so wish, to be reborn. Men, on the other hand, remain in the Halls until the End, after which they leave the confines of Arda and join Eru in the Second Great Music.

Incidently, although Men came to fear the Gift of Eru (death), it was their tie to Arda that the elves feared. Because they were part of Arda until the End of Arda, they realised they were not truely immortal. Whereas they knew Men's spirits would then take part in the second music, there was no such guarentee for their own fate. Many feared the end of Arda would be the end of their fea (spirit) and that they would be irrevocably gone.
Men age, and Men disappear after they die, irrevocably
Elves age too, but much slower than Men. A living being in Arda is made of its hrondo (physical body) and its fea (spirit). The elven fea has a much better control over its hrondo than that of Men, which is why it can protect the hrondo from disease and also heal wounds that would kill a Man. The Elven fea, however, over time, begins to consume the hrondo causing it to fade, until with very old elves the body becomes just a memory of the fea.

Could I also ask you to shorten your signature to just three lines of plain text please... Thanks

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Hmmm. I don't have War of the Jewels or certain other books yet to explore this issue more fully. I had posited that soul/body separation and the idea of fading away to light from some comments about what's happening to Frodo in Tolkien's LOTR, but I didn't know quite what was going on.

It is a bit confusing. I was operating on Aragorn's retelling of Beren and Lúthien, where he said that "... long ago they passed beyond the confines of this world. And so it is that Lúthien alone of the Elf-kindred has died indeed, and they have lost her whom they most loved." (quoting from memory, so I may not have it quite right, but the subject of "they" was Beren and Lúthien).

Also I thought there was something in The Silmarillion about the coming of Men into Beleriand that mentioned the Elves being perplexed by the Doom of Men and where their souls wound up. But that I may be misremembering.

(Now let's see if I've fixed that signature. )

*peers* what the?
I changed it, you silly computer!

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*peers* what the?
I changed it, you silly computer!
If you are having problems changing your signature, it will be because you must change it in both, My Account > Change my info and Profile above.

You are correct about Luthien. I think what they were getting at though was the fact that Luthien changed to being mortal, so her fea (spirit) would never again be reborn as elven fea tended to do. In that sense it was lost to them forever.