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Thread: What Happened to Gallant Captain Faramir?

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Why, you little--! It's not easy for a little jester to make a living in a palace of such cruel masters. Today I am robbed of my dinner, and tomorrow I may be sent to the torture chambers for an impertinant remark. Yet what is my trade but impertinance?

You should become a poltergeist; all of the fun of being a jester without most of the nasty consequences. I'm not sure where one might apply though... Limbo? Does that still exist? Because I haven't been there in a few years, and all of you know how the situation is for small businesses.
Limbo? My former life must have been spent there, else I'd not be so insensitive.

I could not be a poltergeist though. i shudder to think of Peeves... urrrrggh!
How about something more like a Casper?
More likable perhaps, but I don't flatter myself as such a charmer
Ah, go ahead Cloveress: You can dish it out, so you can (or may as well) take it. Orc Grinning Smilie

Captain Faramir certainly was a charmer wasn't he, in the book anyway?
Oh yes he was... A dreamy one, perhaps, but quite the charmer nonetheless.
It's wonderful to hear him speak... His voice is possibly more powerful than Saruman's and I don't doubt that his lips were pleasurable (for what else could've brought Spring to the frosty lily of Rohan?), either.
What Happened to Gallant Captain Faramir?

He married a rohirrim wild woman and settled down in a cottage on a hill and became chief horse breeder/trainer in Gondor and Rohan.
Thorin forgot to add that Faramir and his wife also raised many chlidren who grew up to be nice gentle ladies and lordlings, who spoke softly, did good deeds, and were kind to animals.
He married a rohirrim wild woman and settled down in a cottage on a hill and became chief horse breeder/trainer in Gondor and Rohan.

Us Rohirrim are still saddened how a Daughter of Éorl could so easily fall for the honeyed words of a sycophant. Everyone thinks the Lady Éowyn was freed from Gríma's influence, but instead she fell under the much greater influence of one Faramir, dissimilar in looks to Wormtongue, but similar in ambition.

Her senses must've been dulled in the Houses of Healing - indeed, what medicines did the Keeper use on her? Or rather, what was the real effect of athelas on the mind? A real Rohirrim woman would rather throw herself on her sword (or better, plunge a dagger into the sycophant's heart), than marry one from Mundburg.

Note a popular saying in the Golden Hall: "The day there is a man in Mundburg, is the day an Elf beats a Dwarf at arm-wrestling".

What truly is embarassing, though, is how she felt that "there stood one who no man of Rohan could defeat in combat". This truly shows how far she had fallen, for any beardless stable boy could easily have dispatched Faramir with one of their arms bound on their back, and blindfolded.

But again, at least PJ's Faramir is not so... degenerate.
"The day there is a man in Mundburg, is the day an Elf beats a Dwarf at arm-wrestling".

And We dwarves have put a price of 10000 mithril pieces on Faramir as a result of his deed. This was done when a Rohirrim stable boy insulted one of our brothers, taunting him that an elf had beaten him at arm-wrestling. After loving explaining the boy that this was false with his axe the dwarf reported this to us who then put the price on him.

Faramir knows this and is very clever. He does not come anywhere in Rohan because of our colony of the Glittering Caves and uses the excuse that he has no reason to come due to his sorrow at death of Theoden.

But we know Better!
Grondy fails to see the logic of this sanction against Faramir as applied by the Dwarves of the Aglarond. Everyone knows there has never been an Elf who could best a Dwarf at arm-wrestling and that Faramir caught Eowyn on the rebound, so what?

Sounds like the enemy is trying to drive a wedge between these two historic allies and to reinstate the rivalry between the Elves and the Dwarves, which was thought to have been mended by the platonic friendship between Legolas and Gimli.
Our friendship with the Elves is still the same but even then we do not like being told they could beat us in a hand struggle!This is simply impossible! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
No, it is ridiculous! They can't beat us in axe-throwing either and we can't beat them in archery.
But why take that out on gallant Captain Faramir? Or was that penalty due to his falling under the wily spell of the Mistress of Rohan before he met the Lady of the Golden Wood, who had already cast her net over our Lord Gimli Lockbearer.
Or was that penalty due to his falling under the wily spell of the Mistress of Rohan

Yes that's it. His lack of common sense led to the taunts and we're going to 'take care' of Gallant little Captain Faramir!

What wonderful reasoning on the part of all of you. I personally felt rather sad at the portrayal of Faramir in the movie, and well a lot of that whole Riddermark Gondor thing, and Gollum, well it to me was like dominoes, one false portrayal and it just snowballed. If we look at things PJ's way it comes right down to marketing, period. What will sell, what will give them all back their investments and a good return. Turn off the audience by sticking really close to our professor's work of genius and you might lose a substantial crowd. We are a fast food, hurry, hurry world now and honestly would millions even care to have things done just the way they are portrayed in the book. We are not a literary world like once. So, given the reality of things I suppose the way PJ did things was perhaps the closest he could come to telling some truths and still keep the audience riveted. Probably why the Tolkien family was so adverse at the beginning. I just hope that for newbies to JRR Tolkien, they try the books. It will be so worth while.

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