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Thread: TTTExtended

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I`m looking forward to more ORLI! YAY! Tongue Smilie
Lol. Leggy Rocks too!! I'm excited because there is a flashback scene with Faramir and Boromir and Denethor. Gives people a chance to see how much hotter Faramir is than Boromir. Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie
It should be great to see more of the characters,though do they only come out with the extended versions on DVD?Because I couldn't find The Fellowship of the Ring in extended version just on the plain videos(I havn't got a DVD player).
Well none the less it should be great Big Smile Smilie
I`m looking forward to more ORLI! YAY!

Lol Sheryl,I knew you'd say that.I hope in the extended version they will have more of him actually doing something besides standing around for eye candy for the girls.
Of course in every PJoTR fans thread a certain negative thing appears....in this case it is IBig Smile Smilie

I hope that the TT Extended Version will be a flop.....Down with PJ! Up with Tolkien! Down with mockery! Up with the greatest story ever made!!!!

All hail Tolkien....the old master......
Hehehehehe.......but who really wants to see the extended version of PJT? I really dont......that DVD or VHS will never enter my room and be shown on my tv!!!
But how can I write after the two people in all PT who hates PJ the most??
Funny my last postBody was also against you Aule... I will be waiting for the extented version and I'm looking forward to it... I won't say Glory to PJ, but glory to Tolkien!!! Big Smile Smilie
But how can I write after the two people in all PT who hates PJ the most??

Not quite Florian, you haven't met Ross yet have you? Try not to talk about PJ to him at all, trust me this is good advice. Welcome to PT by the way. Ignore that lot, they're a little stuck in their ways. Wink Smilie
Ignore that lot, they're a little stuck in their ways.

I guess the squirrel has gone cuckoTongue Smilie But he has one point....you havent met the third Anti-PJ member yet....together we are the force that keeps PT from becoming a PJoTR worship site(meant as a joke since we all know that Taz made this site as a tribute to Tolkien and for us Tolkienites to discuss Tolkien related matters Wink Smilie )

Cheers Taz for founding this wonderful placeWink Smilie
Yeah, wait till ole Ross comes here!

I am with you Florian, I am looking forward to the Extended version!
This is something I cannot understand.....how someone is waiting for the TT extended version to be released?
I cant figure it out.....can you guys (Ross and Virumor)?
I am just waiting for the release of Starwars....Tongue Smilie
I cant wait eaither! I wanna bye it!
I'm going for the extended Lion King dvd. (heh)
I think its great that theyll give it out soon and I would look forward to it if I knew we would buy it which Im pretty sure we wont do. Sad Smilie
But I can always go home to my friends house and look at it there! Tongue Smilie

I just posted a News Article on the Home Page that reviews the soon to be released (18 November) The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (Special Extended DVD Edition) The part I posted only tells what is different from the theatrical release. There is a lot more in the source document, such as what is incuded on the other three disks. You probably want to read that too.

(Amazon.com just told me my copy is in the mail, guess I'll just have to wait for it to arrive in a day or three.) Jumping Flame Smilie

[Edited on 17/11/2003 by Grondmaster]

* AUL used to read ARCO because Grondy didn't have his brain in gear.

[Edited on 18/11/2003 by Grondmaster]

Arco? It's not like i'm a member of the anti-PJ club. I've actually written some posts on how much I really like PJ FotR. If you're referring to the incident with the dragon (no, just kidding lol you'd get it if you've seen the FotR ext.) If you're referring to the incident in the RotK topic, I was merely cranky, very very tired after 9 hours straight of leaf-raking, and hungry. I actually am looking forward to RotK, despite the... absence of a major character. *cough* I just posted an article in that topic with a little more info. C ya! lol... I haven't stooped that far yet...
Dag-nab-it! There I go again giving credit to the wrong person. Sorrry Arcormacolindva.

Yes Perwing is correct, I meant Aul, the third leg of our "Legion of Gloom."
The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (Special Extended DVD Edition) came in today's mail, but I will probably wait until tomorrow and watch it with my daughter who is coming for a visit.
I ask the store clerk on Monday if they were getting TTT Extended DVD in and she checked the list. Only 1 copy was listed and upon looking in the box of Tuesday releases, sure enough, 1 copy was there. I asked when the store opened and was there at 8am to pick it up. The dept manager told me how lucky that I happened to come in early to buy it, as this was the only copy. I didn't tell him that I already knew that. Wink Smilie
It is mine, all mine, my preciousssssssssss
So am I the only guy here who's seen it? I watched it yesterday as soon as I got home form work with it clutched in my greasy little hands. Not as great as I was hoping, and a lot of what I'd expected to be there wasn't. However, the Boromir/Faramir extra stuff is worth the price tag alone, and the 3 extra ending chapters are utterly fantastic. Actually, now I think about it, I really liked it, and Faramir is redeemed in my eyes, and hooray for the huorns as well. More later, maybe....
I'm most probably getting it this weekend, can't wait for it! But one of my friends put a damper on it when she told me that some of the scenes aren't in the book and although Faramir's potrayal is better, Eowyn's potrayal has become totally unlike her. So I was wondering if this is true, for those who have watched it.
ok, ok, I saw it, I saw it!! Me and Mellie and DragonReach saw it yesterday! Or.. yesternight acctually. But anyway. It is MUCH better than TTT and gives more depth to characters (yes, even Faramir). It follows the book more closely and I don't get this big feeling of disappointment when I see it (well except for the warg attack and when the elves comes to Helm's Deep but that is pretty much inevitable). It has more stuff in it that follows the book, wich makes it a great movie. The little stuff. I can now say I like TTT Extended! Big Smile Smilie
for some reason i couldn't almost resist to shoot a bullet into my tv-screen like Elvis did after his first big Las Vegas concert

Vir... I am really beginning to love you! I mean it!

All right be warned! Spoilers in the following!

OK, I'm sorry, I have to disagree a bit with many of you who are lauding TTT Ex. Ed.. I did not find it very redeeming. Plastic, man... It redeemed Faramir? I do not see that at all. I think they made him even worse. He stands by while 3 full sized Rangers pick up and BEAT a 3 foot tall Gollum. Then, later, he picks him up, strangles and threatens him. Not what the Faramir of the book would do at all. Not the same man that says: "I love not the warrior for his valor, sword for it's keeness nor the the Arrow for it's swiftness. I love the thing that they protect." PJ never shows the true nature of Faramir, nor comes close. Now that really bothers me. But I've gone on about my views on Faramir in the "WHAT? ARRRGH!" Forum and I remain disappointed.

Now I never minded the Warg nor the Elves scenes. In fact those I quite enjoyed. (You can never have too many elves!)

Some scenes added more from the Books, yes. Some needed scenes were added and did better it some. I guess that's what a lot of the rest of you saw. It was hard for me to see past the desacration of Faramir and still is.
Okay, let me elaborate on what I meant here, I didn't mean that we now had a clear cut book style Faramir, I meant I now understand the movie Faramir a little better, and I rather like him.
I've also now watched the first disc of appendices, and I also understand all the changes a lot more now. Liking it more with every day. *sticks 2 fingers up at Ross Vir and Aule, just for fun*

And for your information guys...
An Easter Egg has been found in The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers extended edition DVD. To access it, go to disc 1, in the scene selections menu, select 29-30 from the menu. Next select scene 30, Of herbs and stewed rabbit. Press down, and a small ring will be highlighted by the new scene indicator. Press enter and enjoy!


The egg is Gollums acceptance speech from the 2003 MTV movie awards.

Apparently. (Source of egg info http://www.thecomicfanatic.com)
Sorry virumor, I went a little overboard there. Just got tired of all the negativity.

So, it this site all about positivity then?? can't i express my opinion here or what, even if i don't agree with all the pj-lovers here? i wasn't negative at all, i tried to explain why and what i felt about the movies in a civilized manner. Nothing more, nothing less.

PJ did capture the heart and feel of Tolkiens work. Anilorak never said it was identical to the books, he said it was close. I would have said "close-ish". I hope to get TTT EE for Christmas btw. Got to have the versions which is the longest and closest to the story!

I'm really impressed that Anilorak speaks his mind fully knowing he'll be "burned at the stake" by the I-hate-Pj Club. Keep it up buddy!

i can't refer to my last posts again, because i'm busy deleting them (maybe i shouldn't have deleted my last one), because no one reads them anyway if i look at this last quote. i mentioned i respect other ppl's opinion because that's just what it is and you can't fight that. I just look at the facts, which are that PJ's movies are never close to the books, safe for the title. Period.

And please ppl, i respect the fact that you like or love the movies, but why do you think that i dislike them? because they are NOTHING like the book. That's a fact : big parts cut out, plot changes, characters changed, humour and brainless action incorporated, etc etc. Even if you love the movies, you should be able to confess that the movies are not close to the books at all, they didn't follow the books at all. If you can't do this, well then it's no point discussing it. I should have realized this a long long time ago, instead of just now.

So i don't burn ppl at stakes for expressing their opinions. No, other ppl are burning me and others on stakes because we express our opinions about the movies, which are called 'negative' by those ppl. And i'm growing weary of this. And the next time someone pushes me into a 'i hate pj club' or says 'you guys are gonna do this or that' i'm outta here. I don't wanna be mocked in that stupid thread, i'm not criticizing the movies to be annoying or just to be funny, i'm trying to have a decent discussion about the movies which seems to be impossible in here : it's either praising either namecalling it seems.

Anyway, PM me if you want some posts of me deleted because they are 'negative' : i'll try to contribute to a positive atmosphere from now on.

[Edited on 21/11/2003 by virumor]
I also thought the "Softening up" Gollum was a tad bit, or rather far beyond the pale in that it was too violent, my Faramir wouldn't have condoned that kind of behavior on the part of his subordinates, let alone his own action. I was also surprised when Wormtongue's goons grabbed omer.

I started watching it about 5:30 PM yesterday and in the middle of the credits swapped back to disk one and watched the Director and Writers' Commentary watching the whole thing to the end which was a little after 1:00 AM today.

IMHO anyone who goes to the Opening Eve Marathon will have wasted their money as far a seeing RotK. Their eyes, ears, and minds will be so overloaded by the time RotK starts and they won't be able to really enjoy or even remember what the movie was about.

That said, the afore mentioned commentary explained why they left things out, why they added things, and why they postponed events from the end the book TTT to the beginning of the movie RotK. Most of it, but not all, was logical.

Okay, sure the Extended TTT DVD is not the movie of Tolkien's book, but it was based on it, and is a much better version than the theatrical edition.

I just can't seem to get into them because i know the books. (Harry Potter, here i come!!)
Fine! Go there and enjoy writing about how close the HP movies followed JKR's books (ignore the parts that were left out) and leave us to enjoy PJ's movies without your endless griping. I NOT!

Seriously though, do come back to P-T and share your posts about Tolkien's books. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Sorry virumor, I went a little overboard there. Just got tired of all the negativity.
I'd like to applaud Virumor's reply, the most civil, well thought out and nicely explained negativity yet. Despite the fact that I don't agree with him at all, I'm glad he put down his thoughts in this format, well done mate!
Oh by the way, if you have the UK release of this the egg I posted earlier doesn't do jack, sorry. Does it work for you UIS guys, or is it a hoax?

Currently half way through the second disc of appendices (which in fairness, I enjoy more than the movies, geek that I am). Really interesting stuff.
Elk Grinning Smilie I haven't deleted any of your posts Virumor nor do I expect you to delete any. I just happened to fly off the handle at you for something that had been building up over time. It could just as well have followed a post by Aule or Ross and I apologize because I made it personal, especially as I was off base.

Minority views keeps the discussions going, this would be a very boring place if we were all 'Yes-People'. Diversity in views are the spice that makes life interesting.
Glorfinel posted on 21/11/2003 at 18:15
Not wanting to become subject to the Wrath of Grond, I have decided to Focus and speak of what things I did appreciate about TTT EE. Because in truth, messing up Faramir, which is big to me, is only a small part (time-wise) of what is a good film. OK, ok... I admit it... I'm in a flaky, ambivilent place on this.

Without Spoilers, for those that have seen it. I like the Expanded scenes with Meery and Pip; the Faramir flash back scene with Boromir and Denethor and the end of the Battle of the Hornburg with the trees. Also, Gollum had some extra scenes and I am still astounded at how completely real he seems. In that and for his ability to bring incredibly talented people together and organize them, I must give PJ mad props.

(I moved this here at the request of Glorfinel. - Grondy)

Grondy also says:
Don't worry about the 'Wrath of Grond'. If you can withstand it for twenty-four hours it is usually sheepishly withdrawn, making Grondy the butt of the situation. :elfembar: Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

[Edited on 22/11/2003 by Grondmaster]
And here we go again... Tongue Smilie

Remember we have the "About the I-hate-PJ club" thread in "The Prancing Pony" ... to discuss the doing and saying of the Club, to avoid threads like this to go waaay of topic and become battlegrounds. Wink Smilie

PJ did capture the heart and feel of Tolkiens work. Anilorak never said it was identical to the books, he said it was close. I would have said "close-ish". I hope to get TTT EE for Christmas btw. Got to have the versions which is the longest and closest to the story!

I'm really impressed that Anilorak speaks his mind fully knowing he'll be "burned at the stake" by the I-hate-Pj Club. Keep it up buddy! Thumbs Up Smilie
It DOES seem like everytime someone tries to say something "negative" (which it isn't, any attempt on saying they are NOT like the books is a fact and therefore can't be either negative or positive...) they seem to be slammed down by a lot of ppl.

I have never been bothered by those of us that didn't like the movies. I guess I just got tired of hearing about it so much.

I complely respect Ross,Aule, and Vir's opnions. I would never want to appear unkind to them concerning their opnions. I really do agree with you guys on a lot of your topics. You do make good points.

other ppl are burning me and others on stakes because we express our opinions about the movies

Vir, if I ever said anything that was unkind or rude, I am truelly sorry. I would never want you to think that I didn't respect your opnion on the movies.
So, it this site all about positivity then??

I was going to disagree on that, but now I have to admit it does seem that way, especially as as I tired to add a sad smiley to the above post, but everyting following that smiley didn't show up unless I pushed "edit". Ha Ha Ha Smilie
I'm sorry Vir. You know I like the changes Pj made as much as you do. I just wanted to support Anilorak for beeing the only one who has nothing bad to say about the movies and PJ. If that makes him blind so be it. You Vir have Aul and Ross (and Perwing) to back you up.

"All the negativity" and the name "I-hate-PJ club" came from earlier when Pj got death threats and cheerful stuff like that. What is going on now is that when we see you three say ANYTHING negative, no matter how well put and correct it is, we just add it to the stuff you've said earlier and still think you are overly-negative. A lot of other people are posting negative thoughts about the movies and they aren't getting attacked. This is obviously our mistake and we should stop doing that. We are the ones adding fuel to that fire, it's a pattern we should break.

PJ did capture the heart and feel of Tolkiens work. Anilorak never said it was identical to the books, he said it was close. I would have said "close-ish". I hope to get TTT EE for Christmas btw. Got to have the versions which is the longest and closest to the story!

To explain bit by bit:

"Got to have the versions which is the longest and closest to the story". A dog (TTTmovie) sees a house (the books) far away in the horizon. You see a man (extended TTT) standing a bit a head of the dog. The man is closer to the house than the dog, but he is still not close to the house.

"Heart and feel". This is mostly bout FOTR I think as I haven't seen TTT since it was on the cinema. The overall feeling I get by wathcing it (also the appendixes) is that this is ME even if the carracters are different.

"Close-ish": All the work on the detailes, the weapons, the clothes, the scenery, the jewlery, the houses, all the stuff made to make it look as Tolkien-ish as possible, but which we barly can see, is very close. Why the script and caracters couldn't be treated the same way is beyond me.

Oh and the "About the I-hate-PJ club" thread has turned into a dicussion about foreign (non English) movies. So you can choose what to discuss. Wink Smilie
It's ok, guys. It's all cleared out now, i hope.

And thx Perwing for the support, as i don't have the money right now to pay a lawyer. (heh)

Anyway, i'm not sure if i still want to discuss the movies. I think i'll just stick to Tolkien-threads, for the stuff i came here for in the first place. I feel i wasted my entire life in trying to discuss the movies. And i admit that i sometimes have exaggerated with negativity, which perhaps also contributed to the confusion. But i don't intend to waste more time.

I respect your opinions and i hope you respect mine, that's all there's to say.

And now : back to the topic !!! (without me, of course because it is movie-related)
I was worried this was all getting a bit out of hand over what is just at the end of the day, a movie. It's good to see that people have placed their respect for each other above their opinions and managed to come up friends still.

I, too, would like to offer the pipe of peace to you Virumor. A lot of this began after myself and Plastic initially asked the three of you to stop being so negative. I like the movies myself, but have nothing against anyone offering constructive critisism about them. At the time though, it seemed that everytime anyone said anything good about the movies, their post would immediately be followed with three negative ones. A lot of the time these three posts were not constructive, and were just repetitions of what had been said just a few posts before. Basically, it was just becoming very boring to read. It was that which I asked (not told) the three of you to stop doing.

I hope this episode has not caused you any upset, and if it has, I aplogise for my part in it. It was never my intention to censure what could be said here (as was later suggested) or to silence anyone who doesn't like the movies. My intention is and always was to keep this site interesting and friendly. At the time I saw that campaign of repeated negative posts as being something detrimental to the interest of this site.

I saw the TTT extended last week, and I liked it. Again it was much better than the short version. And also more closer to the books. For those of you who don't want more details, please stop reading here.
I liked very much the part of Faramir, as well the part with his brother Boromir as the part when he sends Frodo, Sam and Gollum through the sewer to escape and asks Gollum for the route he has planned. Also the part of the Ents was extended, with Merry and Pepin drinking from the well. The trees took care of the Orcs in Helm's Deep and Merry and Pepin discovered Saruman's supplies.

I do like the movies, because now I can discuss at least some of it with my father and my husband who both hate books. They also bring this wonderful world, even if it is just a glimpse of it, to people who don't like to read or are less educated, like my father. It is a difficult book to turn into a movie, it's a complex and imaginary world, which has to be brought like it did exist. I don't mind some of the actors not looking like I imagined the characters would look, because now, when I read the book again, I still have my vision of them.

I don't mind reading people's opinion, being it negative or positive. I do regret some are trying to convince others their view is the right view. Because then it becomes and endless discussion. We ended up discussing more whether the movies are bad or good, than discussing Tolkien's World. Isn't that what Planet Tolkien is about in the first place? Talking about Tolkien's World? Or am I wrong here.
And don't we all love Tolkien's World.
I do believe that we are on the TTT extended here and there. Observations by me...

Liv Tyler mentions in one of the interview bits that it was after somebody on the internet called her Xenarwen Warrior Princess that they cut her out of Helm's Deep : This was a phrase coined by none other than our own Ungoliant.

Then on the Director's Commentary, Pete mentions that one fan on the internet said the last thing these stories needed was another not-quite-dead person (referring to Aragorn's plunge) I'd like to think think that that fan was me, as I wrote exactly that the day after the Movie came out.

Actually that's all the appearances by us I can think of right now, but if you're reading this Hi Pete, and I love the fact that most of your commentary appears to be a lengthy apology for some early bad decisions that you had to live with.
The final proof will come when PJ reveals he's never going to set foot in Manchester Big Smile Smilie
Well I'm still having some computer problems, so I haven't been able to be around much lately, but I got the EE of TTT last week, and watched it for the first time on Friday night. I think that it goes without saying that the EE is by far superior to the theatrical version.

I really enjoyed it, but that being said, some of what I was hoping for was not there. What really stood out to me though was how much better the film was as a whole with all the new scenes. The overall flow of the film was much better, and the new scenes made the majority of the stuff that seemed wacky in the theatrical version make sense.

I personally have reached the point where I feel like the theatrical versions are a waste of time. The EE's are sooo much better, and so much "closer" to the books. For the hardcore Tolkien fans who like the films, the EE's are the only way to go. I wish we could just skip the theatrical release of ROTK, and go straight to the EE.

Anyway, when I get my computer back (or buy a new one) I'll have much more to say, but I would like to close this post with this, to everyone here at PT, let's all remember that this is just a movie we are talking about here. At the end of the day we are all Tolkien fans. It's Tolkien that we love, and that's the common bond that we all share. Just because some of us like, or dislike PJ's films doesn't mean we have to dislike each other because of it. Let's respect each others opinions, and differences, and celebrate our love for Tolkien together.
Elf Smilie
The final proof will come when PJ reveals he's never going to set foot in Manchester
Big Smile Smilie

Because Ross's lair is there? Big Laugh Smilie

Tread carefully around the cave of the Ross, PJ!! Big Smile Smilie

(Grondy added Val's quote which is the subject of this post by Stonehelm)

[Edited on 24/11/2003 by Grondmaster]
++++++++++++POSSIBLE SPOILERS++++++++++++++

I got it last week, Have to say, pretty chuffed with the knew goodies, absolutely loved the Boromir/Faramir/Den-
athor bit, and the bit where Pip and Merry find Sarumans secret stash of pipe weed is absolutely fantastic.
Not to sure what to make of the new bits of tree beard but, Didn't seem right, though from what I understand most of it was straight from the book. His poetry was terrible, though I spose that was the whole point!
Actually that's all the appearances by us I can think of right now, but if you're reading this Hi Pete, and I love the fact that most of your commentary appears to be a lengthy apology for some early bad decisions that you had to live with.

Heh, let's all wait for the day then PJ listens to Ross and cuts everything out. Big Laugh Smilie
I am going to rent the movie, I don't feel like spending $30 bucks right now!

You guys make it sound really good, I am looking forward to when I can see it! The extra scenes sound great.
That Gollum easter egg was so funny, i was roflmao Big Smile Smilie

I thought it was funny that they made the decision of taking Arwen out of Helms Deep partly because of what we (and other lotr forums) said about it...

Oooo...The power...we must not misuse it...Be on your best behavior! Hehe

Hmm, but how deep into production were they? I wonder if any WWW influence could change the flim if it was already cut and finished. (like RotK, i.e. Saruman)
If they really did read what was said in the forums and took it to heart then I dont think these hedonistic movies wouldve been made....but that is just my opinionTongue Smilie
I watched Disk 3 last night and it was almost as good as the movie. There both PJ and Liv said that due to all the furor of the internet rumors about Arwen showing up at Helm's Deep, that they decided to find a different way of keeping the love story alive in TTT. This happened after the release of LotR: FotR and after she had been training in swordsmanship for weeks getting ready for the filming of that battle. So yes we do have some corporate power.

I'm glad they did it the way they did even if Aragorn had to play dead in order to develop Eowyn's infatuation with him.

I also loved that even though we didn't get Tom Bombadil, that they had a huorn play like Old Man Willow burying Merry and Pippin and gave Bombadil's 'Got to sleep now' lines to Treebeard.
So, originally Arwen would have fought at the battle of Helm's Deep???

Heh, man i am glad PJ took that out. I wouldn't have defended TTT so much if he hadn't done that...... Tongue Smilie
I also loved that even though we didn't get Tom Bombadil, that they had a huorn play like Old Man Willow burying Merry and Pippin and gave Bombadil's 'Got to sleep now' lines to Treebeard.

Yeah Grondy, I agree, I enjoyed that nod to Old Man Willow too. One of the coolest things about TTT EE is the fact that there are so many cool little places where they gave additional nods to things from the books.

A couple that jump to mind right now for example are, the new scene with Eowyn and Aragorn where Aragorn tells his true age, and then Eowyn says something like you're one of the Dunedain, one of the lost descendants of Numenor. I was glad that reference to the history of M.E. was included.

Also, the new scene with Saurman, and Grima where Saurman mentions the Ring of Barahir, and then they actually show him looking at it in one of his ancient scrolls was cool too.
Elf Smilie
I've had it sat in a drawer all week waiting for my son to come over so we could watch it together. I was tempted to have a sneak preview, but I resisted temptation, and got to watch it tonight with him.

What can I say..... WOW Big Smile Smilie

Just like the extended FotR, the extended TTT just makes the story so much more complete. From the beginning, with Sam and Frodo travelling through the Emyn Muil, the extra scenes make their journey seem so much further. In the theatrical version they just seemed to get there too quickly. That extra few minutes really did the trick.

And just like in FotR where the extended version gave better insight into Boromir's corruption by the ring rather than the theatrical version's sudden conversion, the extended TTT sheds better light on Faramir. Those extra scenes, to me, have given us back Faramir. My only problem with him now is that David Wynham (whatever is name is) just looks indecisive when he is trying to portray his ability to look into men's hearts. It was nice to see Boromir back too, and they nicely managed to pull off the love the two brothers had for each other. Seeing the scene with Denethor really makes you realise the sacrifice Faramir made by releasing Frodo.

And yes, the huorns. I'd heard they were going to be in it, but when they hadn't turned up by the end of the battle, I'd kind of given up. Seeing the uruks disappear into there and get trashed was definitely one of the highlights for me.

The ring of Barahir, too. As the history of that ring is one of my favourite subjects, it was such a bonus to see it get a mention.

After seeing the extended FotR I had been a little disappointed with TTT, but now I'd be hard pressed to choose between them. If anything TTT tips the scales I think.

And only three weeks to go until the next one Big Smile Smilie
I accidently found the Easter Egg on Disk One and it was hilarious. My daughter and I cracked up, but we had to cover the ears of my grandson during Gollum's acceptance speech. He didn't use Family Friendly vocabulary, while Smeagol for his part did. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
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