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Thread: What if Tolkien and Lewis Wrote a Book Together?

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Well, John Ruel and Jack came from such different 'worlds' if you will. Jack left his faith as a young person and JRR came into it from his beloved mother who lost family, friends and money to embrace Catholicism, dying alone and desperately poor, a fact that tore our professors' heart always. Thus he was less patient with those that had what he considered the absolute truth and toyed with it or fooled about. And though Jack really, in my opinion was the most powerful influence on getting and keeping his dear friend on track with LOTR in the midst of raising a family , being at Oxford, all the many committments in his life, plus he seems to have been a tad disorganized so that hindered him. On the other hand he did criticise Jack's work because , frankly it was not what he himself would write or could tolerate. One comes from a desire to share the joy of philology and putting language , language made up and useable into a setting where it is something awesome, and the other a dear man who wanted to, as he himself said, write a book speciifically for children to teach them about God and to learn good manners. Tolkien said in The Letters that he did not honestly care that much, or was not especially fond of children and never intended his books, not even Farmer Giles of Ham to be a child's book. So right there you are going to have the friction of literary in the Beowulf or Plato or serious other work and childlike fantasy where anything you stick in is great fun. And also Tolkien said that Jack had a weakness for becoming offended, hurt if you will by Tolkien's sometimes admittedly harsh and critical words. So a book together, I doubt it.

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