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Thread: Hi I'm New

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hi faramir:

be welcome to our little nice shire....,we are all big fans of tolkien here so i think you will enjoy the site...

for you to know each one of the members,there is a site here called help for newbies,i think you should give it a try,you will find very interesting things there...

and if you want to post about other items,i recomend you to search the rest of the site, there are taberns where i am sure you will find a lot of info you will like...

be welcome again and see you soon....
Welcome to Planet Tolkien Faramir* Smile Smilie

Hope you enjoy yoerself here, and if you follow Thingol's advice you won't go far wrong.
Faramir*, welcome to our forum. Happy Elf Smilie

If you have any questions about anything, just sing out. (You will most always receive an answer, it may be wrong or the one to a different question, but you will get an answer. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie And we are a friendly lot. Elf Winking Smilie
Are we? Oh boy, I'll have to get used to that! Animated Wink Smilie

No really, a huge welcome to you, faramir*, welcome to Planet-Tolkien! Hope you enjoy it around here, as I'm sure you will, and see you around again soon! Waving Hello Smilie

Welcome faramir*. I like your nick. Looks like the name faramir is sparkling - which is kind of appropriate. Big Smile Smilie
Hi! Welcome to Pt! I hope you enjoy your time on this sight. I`ll just let you know, seeing as everyone else knows: I LUV ORLANDO BLOOM(LEGOLAS)! Sigh.............. Big Laugh Smilie He`s a hunk!
Welcome to PT Faramir*! I hope you love it here.

And we are a friendly lot. Elf Winking Smilie

No comment... Big Laugh Smilie
Welcome to P-T Faramir*, hope you enjoy yourself. Smile Smilie
Hi everybody,
I think I will have a good time here.
Hey there Faramir* Waving Hello Smilie Welcome to PT!
This is a great place for all fans of LOTR and Mr.J.R.R. Tolkien.So have fun and be sure to check out the chat!!!

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Hey Faramir*!
I am kinda new to the forum, and enjoy seeing new faces ( or new posters). This is a graet site, so have a good time.
Cano_Yavanna: And a big Welcome to you too. I'm glad you like our forum and all. Happy Elf Smilie
Yes welcome Cano_Yavanna! I'm glad you like it here! Big Smile Smilie
Newbie Hello!!!!
posted on 26/2/2003 at 03:47
by BrianBoromir
Hi this is a great site, i think that the films are great!!! but not as good as the books Wink Smilie but thanks to the film my sons have suddenly started to read them. Big Smile Smilie something they wouldn't have done b4 the films!!! now i can play on the playstation more lol Big Laugh Smilie

(Rednell moved this from JRR Tolkien/General Discussion)

Welcome BrianBoromir to Planet-Tolkien.
Hey BrianBoromir, welcome to our forum, I hope you enjoy our big and ever growing family. Happy Elf Smilie
Welcome everyone new to PT. this is the BEST site! hope you like it! have fun!!!!
Welcome to the site BrianBoromir, Shadowfax and any other new members I have missed greeting in the past few weeks. I hope you all enjoy yourself here.
Aiwendil posted in "hello" under "history of Middle Earth" on 4/3/2003 at 16:08

Hello Everubody!! I am new here. i live in sweden and i have read all tolkiens books. Only wonted to tell.
Aiwendil: Welcome to our forum. Happy Elf Smilie

I hope you enjoy our happy family.
Welcome to PT BrianBoromir, Rhodry, Aiwendil and Shadowfax! I hope you all love it here, welcome to the family. Big Smile Smilie
*gimli walks in*


Newbies everywhere!!!!!

hello hello.. I am the local crazy dillusional dwarf.. dont mind me.. just passing through...

damn squirrels
Hey everyone Big Smile Smilie Welcome, have fun, and post lots.

Hello again to everyone! Hope you enjoy yourselves around here. I'm quite sure you will. Big Smile Smilie
Hello all newbies, I'm PT resident Grump, so don't mind me, just don't admit to thinking PJ followed the book when he did the film's, or you're in for roght ear bashing! Tongue Smilie
No, Ross is not kidding about that at all. That is something that he feels very strongly about.
Glad you all know me so well! Cool Smilie
Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie Moonstar posted on 28/3/2003 at 20:23
My name is moonstar. I really appreciate you all letting me join your website. I just started reading tolkien this year, but I just loved the first movie. So I thought I'd read the books, and you know what. I loved the books even more than the movies. I hope I get to meet some of you so that you can tell me more about the wonderfull world of j.r.r. tolkien and Middle-earth!
Thank You!
-moonstar Elf Smilie Angel Smilie
Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie Darous posted on 28/3/2003 at 21:26
Well welcome Moonstar to Planet Tolkien. I am Darous and if you want to meet us then visit chat. Someone is always in. So once again welcome and I hope you enjoy yourself.
Peredhil posted on 28/3/2003 at 21:27
Welcome to PT moonstar!!! Waving Hello Smilie I hope you'll enjoy it here, I love it! Big Smile Smilie
And Grondy posts at the present time

Welcome to our forum Moonstar. Happy Elf Smilie We are glad to have you here.
Moonstar I think I already welcomed you elsewhere, but in case I am mistaking. I really do hope you enjoy this site. It has a lot of wonderful info on Tolkien and his world, and the people here are fantastic. Hope you stick around long enough for us to get to know you.

Well then Elanor...welcome to this big happy family that is Planet-Tolkien! Big Laugh Smilie I have enjoyed talking to you on chat. Big Smile Smilie
Hi new people!
Nice new avater Asteroth! Looks like Taz is able to get OTHER peoplles up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sad Smilie
I'm sure that if you sent him your custom avatar, ladyoflegolas, Taz will be working on it. He's very busy though so you'll have to be patient I'm afraid. You could ask him again very friendly, there's a topic under "website suggestions" I think, it's called "Taz's to do list". You might wanna drop a subtle hint there, but like I said he's very busy so it can take a while. Cool Smilie

Hi to everyone who's new! I can't follow who's new and who's not anymore! I met Asteroth in chat yesterday, and because I'd never met him before I thought he was new and starting "advertising" for the forums a bit, but it turned out he'd been around for a few months now. lol Disturbed Smilie So sorry if I think you're new when you're not. My mind's too small for all your names. And no, I'm not new. Been around for a while now, thanks. Waving Hello Smilie
Thanks Lady of Legolas your new avatar is nice too.
Thank you Asteroth! Orc Grinning Smilie
I like yours too Aster! Big Smile Smilie
Me too! Big Smile Smilie

And welcome all newbies!! You won't regret comming here. We are a great bunch! Tongue Smilie
*wipes egg off face* Let me try this again.

I'm not here. Nope nope. Not a bit.
I'm studying for exams, as you see.

I would never sit down and try to teach myself Elvish while working on a PhD. I would never have an attack of the fanfic Muse which may push my latest fit of procrastination over 100 pages before Elessar, or the writer, expires. I would never watch FOTR and TTT 7 and 9 times respectively in the theater.

I will, however, admit to reading LOTR every year since the actor who played That Elf was born.

(Confound the boy. I was well over my childhood Legolas fixation, and had moved on to flesh-and-blood characters like Sam. Then Mr. Blue Contact Lenses had to come waltzing onscreen carrying implements of destruction and muttering in Sindarin.
Also he shoots better than I do. Confound him, I say agan.)

Mayhap some of you have run across me elsewhere. Ever heard of "The Boy with the Bow?" or "The Khzad-dum Tinies"? No? Great! I can foist them on a whole new set of people!

I will try to be good. But I do write far, far too much.*

Mae govannen, mellyn nn. Intelligent discussion, kindly mods, and Tolkien: what more could one desire? I'm glad I've found my way over to your side of the Sundering Seas. Smile Smilie

*and frequently bollux up some elementary task like hitting "new post" instead of "reply". And so help me, I'm a moderator.
Welcome aboard, Sepdet. Don't be a stranger! Big Smile Smilie
Waving Hello Smilie Hi sepdet! You're not *that* new, are you? Anyway, I'm looking forward to reading some more of your posts, because I like your style (of writing, of course, don't know about the rest Tongue Smilie ). Welcome to the crazybone club. Animated Wink Smilie
Thank you kindly folks (and to whomever deleted my "oops")!

Tom Bombadillo, I've been here less than 24 hours! Taz had to fix my registration; my net burped just as I was finishing verification whoosiwhatsit.

I just yap yap yap so it seems like I've been here interminably. Wink Smilie

(and if anyone can place THAT quote, you get a Z carved in your furniture of choice.)
LOL, yea, we would! All your excellent posts, your probably a genius!
Welcome to Planet Tolkien (again), Sepdet. Well, it took me three hours longer than normal to get through the forum today, mainly because I was checking out your posts (most excellant) and switching off your signature (not so excellant Smile Smilie Thanks for changing it).

Anyway, have a great time here, and if you get a chance, check out the Silmarillion Reading Group.

Look forward to seeing you around.
I'll just say Hi! again to an impressive lady. Welcome Sepdet.
It's not often I poke my head out and say hi to anyone, but Hi, having spent all morning readijng your posts I felt I had to say hello to you, as i feel I already know you intimately now. Wink Smilie

And what was that quip about "kindly" mods? heh...
Welcome Moonstar to PT. I know you will enjoy it here.
Welcome Sepdet. From what I've seen of your posts, you don't talk too much. Wink Smilie I rather enjoy reading them and hope to read many more. Big Smile Smilie
Hi Sepdet!I really love your posts,and I don't mind the fact that you are a LITTLE long-winded!I hope to meet you in the chat room soon.I also greet all the newbies here,and I think you'll love this big happy family that is Planet Tolkien! Wink Smilie
Hey wait,I guess I am a little bit of a newbie myself too... Look Around Smilie
Hello there Elanor! Waving Hello Smilie Welcome to PT!
Pippette posted this as a new thread: I'm new here too. But just to keep all welcomes in the same place I have moved it here.
A great big welcome to PT, Pippette. I hope you enjoy your visites with us. I sure have enjoyed chatting with you.

posted on 14/5/2003 at 01:11
Just wanted to say hi to you all!
i've not been a member long, and only just been able to post a postBody (thanks for the help Rednell! ) I'm 18 yrs old and from the UK! I'm a kinda new Tolkien fan, i've only read The Hobbit, FOTR and TTT so far, im currently reading ROTK. It's hardly anything compared to what a lot of you have read, i'm determined to catch up one day

Welcome to the site Pippette. I hope you get as much enjoyment out of Tolkien's works as I have. I'll look forward to seeing you around here.
Hey Pippette!!! It is good to have you here with us!
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