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Animals with longer life spans have less frequent times when they are "fertile" they can bonk their brains out if it pleases them, but they are only fertile certain periods of time. I'd guess that Elves have decades when they are not fertile... Kinda like Vulcans.
Haven't read Morgoth's ring, but the bit in Silm about Miriel being consumed in body and spirit was interesting. I don't know whether there were other cases like that though.
I love Dune, my favorite book... email me if you'd like to chat about that book! (

But back to elves, I thought they were supposed to be stronger than humans... so why would it take them 200 years to recover from a delivery? I can see how it might be so if the child was also draining her "magic" or "life force"... something like that. Would that make elven women mortal during recovery? Or semi mortal? This is getting too deep for even me....... Smile Smilie
nature's way of evening out the odds against the world being run over by the elves? you know, they do live forever and if they could breed like rabbits...
Right again, Rosie Smile Smilie. Although that reminds me of something... well...the first Orcs were supposedly Elves that were captured, tortured & corrupted by Melkor, right? And every battle that they've been involved in totally wiped them out, especially the War of Wrath, The Battle of Five Armies, and so on. So how come they always came back in greater numbers? Do Orcs breed like rabbits?

Hey swampfaye, we could always start a Dune thread in one of the taverns. I think theres a couple of Dune fans lurking around here somewhere. I love Dune...was kinda disappointed when I arrived here. First thing I did was go to the desert...didn't see any sandworms...bummer.
what da hell's Dune? the perfume from Christian Dior?

i reckon sauron figured out a way to mass produce them orcs. a big laboratory with mad scientists runnin' around
I remember reading somewhere that orcs "breed like flies", which was something that elves considered unseemly. Read more "MR" somewhere. Apparently elves did go through a kind of menapause eventually. There bodies did change over time, as did their spirits (fea). Still not sure about aging. MR might tell us if only we could get a copy.
Another Dune fan here, saying lets put a thread in! Smile Smilie
In the movie, you could see how Saruman breeded his Uruk-Hai. Guess it would be the same for Orcs...
Actually I didn't quite get how Saruman was breeding the orcs.All I could see is that they were digged from the ground in something like membrane...really strange way of doing it.It was like growing plants or something
Paranoid Smilie
Well,’The union of love is indeed to them great delight and joy.’ -Tolkien
’they are seldom swayed by the desires of the body only, but are by nature continent and steadfast.’ -Tolkien
So, sex equals marriage, and begetting is considered important. Some more elvish facts of life. Regarding elvish pregnancy, "A year passed between the begetting and the birth of an elf-child, so that the days of both are the same, or nearly so." Elvish childhood and adolescence lasted until the age of approximately 50 years. Elves tended to marry soon after coming of age, with a one-year engagement being standard. Elves did not say they "had a baby," they said "a baby is given to us." The most kids an elf couple ever had were seven, the sons of F’anor and Nerdanel.
I hope that was what ya'all where wondering about,if I got off track or misunderstood this topic,then let me know so I can delete this post.
Hmmm....where did you read that LadyF? And I believe that it is not because they are not fertile that they do not mate’s as Tolkien described that they only have children in safe times....never in war times and evil times....since they have infinite lifespan they can wait a couple of thousand years to get a child unlike us real men....who live quick and die fast! HOOYAA!! hehehe....we are men....we improvise, adapt and overcomeTongue Smilie
I believe the content of LadyF's last post came from Morgoth's Ring, Laws and Customs Among the Eldar. It more or less clears up how elves married, had children, named thier children and how their spirits were in complete accordance with their bodies.

Their existance seems to have been very different from ours and is difficult to imagine. Can you imagine being able to gradually change your apprearance just by wishing to? No wonder elves are so beautiful! - but does this make them vain? or is thier appearance more of a direct reflection of thier souls? It would explain characters like Maeglin and Eol who were said to be "ill-favoured", but what about Gil-Galad? I can't seem to find a physical description of him anywhere, but he is often described by other writers as more or less plain. Does anyone know what Gil-Galad looks like (from Tolkien's writing)?
All I know is that he had golden hairTongue Smilie
What a wealth of information you are Aule!! Wink Smilie
’Hehehe you're certainly right about that Stony`hehehehe

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