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Thread: Hello I am a n00b

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Welcome to PT, Rhodry and Finellach. Enjoy your stay. Big Smile Smilie

As Rhodry said, Finellach, you can have a custom avartar when you reach 50 posts and become a 'friend'.

[Edited on 28/2/2003 by Allyssa]
Welcome to Planet Tolkien, Finellach. If you look in the menu on your left, you will see a link called, My Account. If you click on that, you will find a section called Website Help. That is a guide to using this site, and will hopefully answer these such questions for you.

Enjoy yourself here. Smile Smilie
Welcome to PT Finellach. It is nice to meet new people. There are lots of threads for you to tell us about yourself.
Hey there Finellach! Nice to have ya with us!
Hi Finellach, welcome to our forum. Happy Elf Smilie

It was nice talking to you in chat the other night.
Thanks all

P.S. Love the smileys Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
So do I! The best ones are
Jumping Flame Smilie Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie Na-na-na-na-na Smilie Wiggle Smilie Serching Smilie Juggling Smilie
There's a thread around here somewhere called "I love this Smiley" please please please keep your entirely smiley posts there, and save a happy plastic squirrel from going prematurely grey.
Welcome to PT Finellach! I agree with Perwing, this site is filled with friendly and insightful people, I am always impressed! I hope you enjoy being here.
(And I love the smilies too, just had to say that for Plastic)...