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Nothing beats John Smith's. It is, as the adverts say, Pure Silk in a Glass. Alcoholic Smilie
Three words.

My Friends the king of beer is Bass.
But most of the above are lagers, not beers. You cannot beat the real ales from the smaller breweries. My favourite tipples are Bateman's XXXB, Theakstone's Old Peculiar, and McEwen's 70 shillings.

If I'm in a strange town though, and not sure whether the landlord knows how to keep his beers, I generally play it safe and go for the John Smith's. It's a bit like the McDonald's of the beer world... every pint is guarenteed to taste the same.
So then you could call it McBeer, then huh Val??

"I'll have a Quarter Pounder with Cheese, large fries, and a supersize McBeer..."
As Homer Simpson says, "BEEEEEEEER" you know people can be picky, but when you've got too much blood in your alcohol system anything with an alcohol content or some surgeon general's warning is tasty stuff... Paranoid Smilie You know, on the weekends Shaking Head Smilie But, if I had a choice,i definately choose..alcohol, no water, no...You ever wonder if Tollkien wrote drunk? A lot of good writers did and do! Smoke Smilie
Anyone who's read my old posts from way back will know that I favour draincleaner (heavily diluted of course) though most household cleaning products will do for me. Wink Smilie
Disclaimer: Plastic Squirrel is still a fully trained, half blind, frothing at the mouth idiot, please do not attempt to drink ANY household cleaning products or you will discover the true meaning of the words internal organ failure

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That said, anything in the sort of meths - paraffin - white spirit kind of area is always good. Dead Smilie
I don`t like beer. The closest you`ll get me to beer is shandy.
I just LOVE......Norrlands Guld.....Carlsberg Sort Guld.....Heineken.........Budweiser.......REAL SHIRE BEER Big Laugh Smilie Smoke Smilie

Woaw! A REAL SWEDE!! *hugs* Yeay! And I who thought I was the only one! *tears in her eyes*
Anyway, to get back on the subject, I quite like Heineken, Pripps Bl’ and Mariestads. Yum. Smile Smilie
Especially Mariestads.. That's just a little more.. beer. Big Smile Smilie
Main thing i want out of beer is that it is cold and wet. If it is less bitter, that's even better.

When it is really hot outside, like pushing 100 F, I'd rather have ice tea with a bit of sugar and a wedge of lemon.
I only have onr rule in life...Don't argue about beer, drink it! Aule send me some of that good stuff, I'm game. And it is true, sweet tea w/ lemon tops them all Smoke Smilie
Actually Valedhelgwath Bass is an ale as well bit I know what u mean the proper ales are best. I was over in Ipswich recently and went to a wee pub called the moon and mushroom and we had some fantastic ales there. Alcoholic Smilie
Coors Light for a social beer or two... Molson Ice to get toasted.
MALT BEER!!!! With Ripe meat on the bone!
MALT BEER!!!! With Ripe meat on the bone!

Hahahaha that was a good one Gimli Big Laugh Smilie hahahahaha
And they call this a mine....A MINEBig Smile Smilie

This isn’t a’s a tomb! Mad Smilie
Beer huh...Um..I'm with Grondy, it's gotta be cold and wet Smile Smilie Really cold or else it doesn't go down.

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well of course it’s gotta be cold! HOT BEER!!! YUK!!! Big Laugh Smilie
Boddington's the smell is like love in a glass, I used to live down the road from the brewery and wake up and smell the fermentig beer every morning it's like Horlicks, Joesph Holt is another good northern beer!

Guiness is nice, but abit heavy on your stomack and does make your stools black! So it's not wise to drink it if your out on the raz!
I guess Ross checks the loo after he's been Big Smile Smilie

A pint of Guiness does you good!
I guess Ross checks the loo after he's been

Hell yes, the speed I eat I have to check I've not swallowed any old lady's, buses or any other thing that could get in the way of my mouth!
I hear you Aule, but that's some Swedish crap and so it's not included in anyone's favorites... Big Laugh Smilie

Carlsberg man, Carlsberg!!!

It isn’t swedish cr*p! It’s swedish quality beer!

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I don't like any beer. I think it is all nasty stuff. eeeewww. I have never understood why people actually drink it. The only thing that beer is good for is to wash your hair. (It is suppose to make it shine) I have only done it twice and didn't even like it for that. lol

So to me all beer is cr*p. Sorry, folks but that is just my opinion. lol

My hubby likes Guiness though
lol Acutally in some of the old beauty magazines it says wash your hair with it. My mom is the one that told me. One day, we got some of my father's beer and had a girls day, and washed our hair and did make up and junk like that. I did not like how my hair smelled afterwards, but we had fun anyhow. I was probably about 14 at the time
We will do anything to look more attractive you guys. I mean why else would we pluck eyebrows, shave legs put on make up wear the most uncomfortable clothing? We just love to see your eyes pop out of your heads when you see us. lol (Especially after you have been drinking beer. Much easier when the guys are drinking.
Next thing you know they will be taking baths in milk. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

(And yes I know that has been done as far back as Patty-Cleo.)
baths in milk.. sounds like something a cat would do!

now.. back to the malt beer!

actually, I sorta like the Smirnoff Ice.... sorta strange tasting.. but I'm not much of a beer drinker anyways.. rarely have it...
I'm with Mellie, I don't like beer either, not even so called girls beer. I have tried but I just can't stand it. Boyfriend loves it though. I stick to white wine or cider. Alcoholic Smilie

If drinking beer gave you shiny hair the drunks would look much nicer. Wink Smilie

I've heard egg is good for the hair too. Not sure about the source for that info though.. Wink Smilie
Well that is true that egg is supposed to make your hair more shiny and thick!
but people stay on the subject!!!
What a waste of beer

But both the egg and beer thing are supposed to be true, alos lemon juice.
looks like i changed the topic, just a bit. Sorry guys.

I have actually tried the Smirnoff Ice, and did not realize that it was beer. I thought it was kinda like a wine cooler. It really was not too bad. But i could only drink one.
if it has to be Carlsberg then I would have to say Carlsberg Sort Guld! EXTREMELY GOOD!!!!
Smirnoff Ice is not BEER!!!!!

But seriously fellas and girlies.....If you want quality beer....Go to Moe’s and order a Duff beerBig Smile Smilie mmmmm Duff beer.....*gurgle*
Smirnoff Ice is Vodka and Lemon!
EXACTLY ROSS......I have no idea why people would believe that Smirnoff Ice is beer....Elf Confused Smilie
I know Aule, I mean it's not even brown!
Heheheeh yup.....Duff beerBig Smile Smilie
Darous is right about BASS. That is my favorite beer.

Although now that I'm on a diet I drink Yuingling Light. It's the only light beer that has flavor. Don't even get me started on those lyers who call themselves "Amstel Light".

For those of you who don't live in the Northeastern area of the United States, Yuingling Lager is the best local beer and it's been brewed the longest in the history of US. The very first Beer of the States.
I'm with Rhodry on this one! Tui for sure Alcoholic Smilie
If you're on a diet you can still drink normal beer, as it has no fat in it. Beer causes you to put wait on because it induces hunger!
Hehehe Beer gut! In sweden we call it "’lkagge" which means beercag(can’t spell cag)......
Do you mean beerkeg Aule? lol I always wondered why it doesn't give you a 6 pack...

Ok, ok, lame joke...

there are actually 300 cals in one beer, just so you know. They are completely loaded with carbs. So going out for one night is like eating two bags of doritos by yourself. Well ... if you drink like me Alcoholic Smilie, (JK)
why do I think smirnoff ice is beer... because it says so right on the dang bottle!!!


I will now accept apologies... because regardless of what you MAY think... IT IS BEER!

I will now accept apologies... because regardless of what you MAY think... IT IS BEER!

Is it ****, it's Vodka mixed with a bunch of fruity stuff, maybe some dumb guy in a marketing place thought calling it Beer might help sales, but it ain't, it's not made with Hops for one thing, even that stuff you guys over there call beer isn't, it's Lager. King of Beers my ****.....
You people are all crazy Orc Grinning Smilie

now now squirlley.. no ****. thats against the rules you know! Shame on you! Big Laugh Smilie
But it's worthy of the stars, you won't accept it's not a beer!
so just remeber "Hi Missy, I mean Mom!" Wink Smilie
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