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Thread: Aulë´s quizzes!

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1. Cirdan
2. Lorien I think
3. Aule
4. Gorthaur the Cruel
5. Possibly Ulmo? If not then Manwe. I'll stick with Ulmo.
Number 2 could probably be Lorien/Irmo, or Manwe + Varda. Either works i think. Smile Smilie

This looks like the History of Middle Earth Brainteasers but in a simple way Big Smile Smilie good idea.

An in response to the question about Olorin, it colud be Irmo or Manw, he used to live at Lrien what makes me think that he served Irmo, but Manw was who sent him to Middle Earth like one of the Istaris, he also leaned the compassion from Nienna, he also was consiered like the wisest of all Maiar.

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