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Thread: hands off my man (or at least be nice about it)

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Sheryl might have a word or two to say though. Exploding Head Smilie
Perendhil, you`re right. No one owns Orlando, even though he`s my main man! I`ll just let you know, I am still friends with anyone who loves Orlando.
Friends?? Smile Smilie I hope you`ll be mine.
I`ll just let you know, I`m mad about him, well words can`t describe how much I love him! Big Laugh Smilie

Orlando: Kiss Smilie In Love Smilie I Love You Smilie Making Out Smilie Waving Hello Smilie Wiggle Smilie

In other words: I LOVE YOU!!!

Well c ya l8tr! xx

yeah friends but wat the heck does 18tr mean sheryl
Making Out Smilie I love orlando Duck Smilie Wiggle Smilie Na-na-na-na-na Smilie