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Well I think that's an interesting theory danijelciglenjak Wink Smilie . I think many children have wonderful imaginations but sometimes grow out of them when they are older because they are encouraged to be 'sensible'. Tolkien's imagination was enriched by the scholarly studies he did when he was an adult and all of these things helped him to write LotR. At least that's what I think. Big Smile Smilie
Hi there danijelciglenjak Waving Hello Smilie

I agree with you. There are people who don’t even could write the first chapter of the Hobbit whitout using some "help", but Tolkien was definitely not one of them.
First of all in his time use of drugs wasn’t that popular as it is nowadays, besides that Tolkien was a good Catholic I guess( correct me if I’m wrong) and such things never passed his mind.

But perhaps he don’t even needed a lot of imaginacion....
Maybe you would like to read the "Who thinks this is not all fiction"-thread in "The Two Towers" there someone(sorry but I can’t remeber who Big Laugh Smilie )
quoted Tolkien

Not inventing, but recording what was already there.

and I must say that I’ve thought about it many times, maybe he was writting down a story that doesn’t appear in human-history books, forgotten or denied...Who knows....

Hm...I know, I have a lot of imaginacion too(to much sometimes) and I think that will never change.
And talking about imagination,
I think people don’t loose or reduce their imaginacion when they get older, it’s allways there, but many people repress it because they think it isn’t reasonable, it is childish.....blah,blah....

But if the will to use it is there you will allways be able to use it.

That’s just my point of view, maybe I’m all wrong and Tolkien was stoned the whole time(just kidding Big Laugh Smilie )

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[Edited on 5/3/2003 by Ishayala]