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Thread: Hi all!

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Yo! Meril. Happy Elf Smilie Welcome to our forum.

We try hard to make this a site where you can have fun by entering into a lively discussion, playing games, sharing, watching, moping, commiserating, chatting, and most importantly learning about Professor Tolkien and his writings. Cool Elf Smilie
And the first round is on me!
with love: Meril
Mine'll be some of the amber nectar from Rivendell, thanks.

Welcome to the site, Meril. You'll find lots of threads around to tell us bits about yourself if you want, and others to help you with any problems you may have getting things to work. Hope you have a happy stay here. Smile Smilie
it's nice to meet u all and i hope i'll see U around!

*Brings Valedhelgwath a cup of amber nectar*
enjoy! Wink Smilie
Welcome Meril. As you have probably already discovered there are lots of serious discussions about Tolkien and his works (as well as a few not so serious). Have fun exploring!
If you get a chance, drop into the chatroom. I would love to meet you. Big Smile Smilie
Hi Rednell!
i'm trying to keep up with the pace of the forum. and i've already found some pretty interesting discussions. you've got some quite intelligent and humorous ppl here.
if i have more free time, i'll go to the chat too.
hope to see u around. it's always nice to meet new people.
Greetings Meril!
As I always say to all new members:Be sure to check out the chat!
So check out the chat you won't regret it Smoke Smilie
hi Elda! Waving Hello Smilie
Hi Meril!
You've definetly come to the best place! Have fun!