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Hi Kaimelar! I hope you enjoy the site and the people on it. I can`t wait to get to know you and I think I can say the same for the other members. Watch out for certain members though. Oh and by the way that was meant as a joke. Big Laugh Smilie

To conclude it all:


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Thanks for the warm welcome Sheryl and Perwing!

Can you recomend a good RP or a fun guild to join?

Hello and welcome to PT Kaimelar Waving Hello Smilie
Why not start your own RPG if you want? I'd play! Big Smile Smilie
Watch out for certain members though

LOL! well, in that case...stay away from me! j/k. welcome to PT! I hope you like it here! I like it here. Wink Smilie Have fun! Peredhil:ME 2! i love rpg. it is the best!

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Good Idea Peredhil!

Here's an incomplete idea that has to do with my characters background:

She grew up in Harad from a very young age. She was sent there by her mother and she has never found out why. She is of a high blood line of Dol Amroth but the only one who knows this is her biological mother (for reasons of adultury in the line of kings). She arived in Harad with only her horse and she was found by Indridi, a wandering woman. Indridi was a spiritual person and she read the stars for the High Court of Harad. When she found N’lo it was a full moon, the stars warned her of a wanderer, of a child of mystery that was to be grow bright amist the harsh world of Harad. Indridi raised N’lo as her own but kept her hidden from her people. She did not agree with their ways. The time came when N’lo began to wonder about the mysteries her life, about where she came from and why she was cast aside. It came to her that she must search for these answers if she was ever to be at peace.

I'm thinking maby before she left some one from Harad had somehow found out who she was and sent Assasins after her.

Don't know if that would be any fun... I'll work out the tecnicallities...


Thanks for the welcome Peredhil and Delidia!

Hope you will all RP with me

Thumbs Up Smilie

Welcome to Planet Tolkien Kaimelar. I hope you enjoy yourself here and will look forward to seeing you around.

If you get stuck with anything, there is a section in My Account called Website Help. That is a kind of guide to using the site that we came up with.
Guess you are better off posting this in the "roleplaying guild" Kaimelar.
If you don't yourself, don't be surprised if some of the council members do.

Smile Smilie As there are quite a few RPG's starting up at the moment, can you ensure they do start in either Planet Tolkien Roleplaying, or the Roleplaying Guild. It will save us the problem of having to move them later.
Waving Hello Smilie What they all said... Just have fun really Smile Smilie
I am SO in! I will RolePlay! *giggle* i love roleplaying! erm...i think i already said that...
i love rpg. Its the best!

Oops...yea. i did!
Thanks for the tips Valedhelgwath !

I'll be sure to check out website help to answer some of my more obvious newbee questions Big Smile Smilie

Everyone's so nice here!

Exclamation Smilie
I'm in too and welcome! Big Smile Smilie
Yeah, congrats Kai. Big Smile Smilie Now that you're a friend, why not ask Taz to give you your own avatar?
I'm sorry to dig this out of the trenches, but I just wanted to say how happy I am that I'm finally a friend! (~this was posted after the friend status)

So far I've had such a plesent time here at PT and everyone's so nice and friendly. Thanks everyone for welcoming me here!