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Thread: Hello.

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Hi Muzzy. Welcome to Planet Tolkien, even though you've caused me some work on your very first post, moving this from the website general discussion section Big Smile Smilie

Anyway, I hope you have a great time here (and don't cause me anymore work in the future Tongue Smilie )
I have a piece of fan fiction I would like to submit. Could someone please tell me how to do that?
We have a panel within the writer's guild who judge whether a piece of writing is of a sufficient standard to be posted in the Fan Writing section. To submit a piece for consideration (and it must be Tolkien related) email it to Allyssa (although I cannot remember the address she's currently using - it'll be somewhere in the Writer's Guild), or to myself (ron.jessop@onetel.net) or to anyone else on the Council.
Heyllo there Muzzy/Patrick. love the name[Muzzy] Wink Smilie Hope ya like it here! Fan fiction...OO! Big Smile Smilie hope your a good writer!
(and don't cause, me anymore work in the future Tongue Smilie )

LOL, Thats really nice Valedhelgwath...to say to the new kid...heehee!

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[Edited on 20/3/2003 by Delidia]
Muzzy: Welcome to our forum, I hope you enjoy your stay with us.
Hi Muzzy!
This is the best place in the world! I promise it is.