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Not heard a thing about it, please tell me you're not dreaming as well. Must go find out, must go find out...
IT'S TRUE!!!!! 22nd of July this year, a new Jane's Addiction album! and they're playing Lollapalooza this summer as well. Hope it's the same line-up...
Don't get caught stealing the album! Tongue Smilie
Don't worry about it, everyone uses kazaa. And I did see two different names for it yesterday when I was surfing around for it, that explains it all. Roll on July!
You didnt hear this from me.. but if you go on kazaa... I found several songs from the album.. sorta.... aparently it was going to be called someting else, then switched to strays.. so a lot of the sites call it something else.. but their site calls it strays... anyways.. i found several songs on there.. :P

feel free to delete this er.. copyright infriging inflamatory bad illegal post at your discretion :P
yea yea!

update on the downloading. i got most of the album.. got the entire songs.. yes.. you play them and hear 3-5 minutes of nothing! absolutely nothing! Sad Smilie
That'll teach you to steal music!
*has no objection to people stealing his music, as he makes next to no money out of it anyway*

btw, was your volume turned up? Wink Smilie
I got the Electric 6 album for free and a month before it comes out last friday. It's actually quite cool, sort of disco meets rock. The PR company who work below me only deal with musician's (including Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds) so they get loads of free album's and I've got freindly with them! Way hey. Big Smile Smilie
ahem.. yes the volume was turned up!

now to listen!

is it me or does Perry Farrell look like a romulan in thir new video?
Yeah, but then he used to remind me of a Klingon/Romulan cross, so at least he's decided which one to be.

Is it good Gimli? Me very skint and can't afford new Cds for a bit.
Just getting to listen to it now so I will let you know.. though.. Im not sure I an give a good review to a music man as you..... i believe on their website there are about 4 songs now you can download bits of.. maybe the whole songs...