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Thread: Remembering The Lizard King

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Jim Morrison was highly overrated, the Doors were great for one reason alone, Ray Manzarek, truly second only to Gary Brooker of Procol Harum. Morrison was an egotistical, pretentious moron with no idea of what he was doing. Even without the drugs and the drink he was pretty dumb, and with them he became incoherent as well. I always wish Ray had met up with James Osterberg (guess who) who was also singing round the same time in the same area, I reckon the Doors would have then been TRULY great.
I have met your type before and quiet frankly I am not impressed Plastic as his my bro who I just called over to the computer to read your post..I won't repeat what he said cause then I'd get started and then some..but please go back to your tree and pick some more nuts. Your view is not wanted here quite frankly.
This was a post to remember someone great but you come along and open yer mouth and sh*t spews out which does not surprise me at all. Small minded people and so on. So crawl back to wherever you came before I have to kick yer a*s.
Whoa, this thread is already starting to get out of hand! Believe me, when it comes to music, I can completely understand passionate viewpoints, because Iíll be the first one to admit that when it comes right down to it, Iím basically a stubborn musical snob, but seriously this ainít worth it. One of the biggest reasons I generally donít talk about music on this site is because music is my life; itís like religion to me (and we all know what happens when people start talking about religion and politics around here).

Being a musician, and having played, studied, and majored in music for a very long time; I know that I have very different views than the majority out there, and itís not worth my time and energy to get all worked up about things, bands, or styles of music that I personally think are c$@p. One of the greatest things about music is that there is something out there for everyone! Trust me, Iíve had people say the most idiotic things about people, or bands, or a style of music I listen to, and Iíve been so furious that Iíve just wanted to unload, but you know what, it ainít worth it! No matter what style or styles of music you like, or who your favorite bands are; thereís always going to be people out there that donít agree. Sometimes you just need to take a deep breath and chill out!

Your view is not wanted here quite frankly. This was a post to remember someone great

You do have a valid point here Darous, if Plastic had nothing nice to say, then he should have just stayed away from the thread, but he is entitled to his own opinion even if you donít agree. However, getting this worked up, and threatening someone with physical violence over something this trivial is hardly the way to go.

Now that Iíve spoken my peace, I do need to pay my respects to Mr. Morrison, and The Doors. When I first started playing guitar, and writing songs a long time ago, originally The Doors were one of my biggest influences. I donít listen to very many rock bands these days, but The Doors are one of the few rock bands that I still like, and can listen to and enjoy. Yes Ray and Robbie were the true brains behind the band (you canít give all the credit to Ray, because Robbie wrote a ton of their songs, including some of their biggest hits), but without Jim, The Doors would have been nothing.

Iím not saying that I condone, or care for everything Jim did in his personal life, but I do think he was a talented visionary, and he was definitely one heck of a front man! I donít think he was the greatest singer of all time or anything either, but I do think he had a unique, great voice. Again though, it was Jimís passion, personality, looks, and charisma that made The Doors. He gave them their identity. He may have been over the top, but he put The Doors over the top!

Regardless of what anyone else says, The Doors are undeniably one of the greatest and influential rock bands of all time, and Jim had a big hand in that. So wherever you are Jim, break on through!
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Thanks Elfstone, now I don't need to add my two cents worth of moderating about a subject I know nothing about. Moderator Smilie

Carry on with your celebration Darous, just try and be nicer, because you don't want to P-O the SKWRL who could edit your comments making you look ridiculous wearing a polka-dot dress and army boots, not that he would, but he also has that power.

Plastic Squirrel: You did bait him in his eulogizing thread. Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie So what did you expect him to do roll over and play dead? Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Grondy I have already wore the ballet dress and army boots but it was my own doin'....and yes I see yer point but if someone disses Jim well there gonna get payback. As you said I don't play dead...but enough of this back to the subject in hand.
He was complex and yes you could say he had his faults...drinks and drugs and many many women. But thats what made him who he was....you could blame it on his childhood being a navy kid. Moving from town to town whenever his father got a new assignment.
Or it his complexiaty could come from that day when his parents were driving through the desert and they came upon a car crash and Indians were scattered on dawns highway bleeding 'ghosts crowd the young childs fragile egg-shelled mind" Jim in later interviews he said that he felt like an old indian possible a shamans soul leapt into his.
'now this will bring them out from there stones'
This could have happened or it might not who are we to decide. But maybe on that day on Venice beach Ray saw something in this film student sitting singing his songs.
And when John and Robby joined the fray then that was it. They were complete.
No Plastic does have a habit of doing this. We had a conversation the other week when he said that Pink Floyd were cack after/including the Delicate sound of Thunder. This argument of his is negated by the fact that the Delicate sound of thunder was a live album consisting of their hit's. Therefore he is contradicting himself because by that theory, he is also saying that the previous stuff was rubish. But at the end of the day it's his right to have an opinion.
I do agree that the Doors are overated due to the death of Jim Morrison. As has happened with many other artist's ie. Elvis, Bob Marley and Freddie Mercury!
The first night I heard American Prayer always sticks in my mind as one of those special magical nights. The whole night was memorable for other reasons than just hearing American Prayer for the first time, but the music did help by setting the scene for that evening's events. Every time I hear that album now, I can clearly visulize that night and relive it.

Thanks Jim. RIP.
The first night I heard American Prayer always sticks in my mind as one of those special magical nights.

Man, itís been so long (15 years now) that I had almost forgotten about AP. I remember I got that when I was 17, and used to listen to that quite frequently back then. As I mentioned, The Doors were one of my biggest influences back then. I used to draw a lot when I was younger, and my junior year in high school I did a freehand sketch of that cover, and actually glued it to my backpack (lol). I think that was on my backpack for almost my entire junior year. I had just read a bunch of books on Jim and The Doors then also, and was probably at the ultimate peak of my Doors obsession then. I think Jim (brace yourselves Morrison bashers) was probably somewhat underrated as a poet.

Anyway, kind of a weird thing happened to me the other night on the night of the actual anniversary. I had already played guitar for like 3 hours that day, and for some reason later that night, I picked up my guitar again and started playing all of these Doors tunes I used to know (at least what I can remember now anyway). I hadnít played any of that stuff in ages, and it was kind of weird that the impulse came over me. I had no idea at the time that it was even the anniversary night, because Iíve been removed from that for so long, but later that night I saw something about it on TV, and I thought how weird it was that on that night, without knowing I somehow got the impulse to play those songs out of the blue. Kind of freaky!
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Heh, sorry Dar, I had to do it, I just have to stir things up now and then. However, I did absolutely love the Doors when i was 17 (I think everyone has a Morrison phase around then) and I will add my appreciation and thanks to Jim and the rest of them, for making me even more miserable than I already was, right up until "Hello I love you" came on, hooray! A cheery bit! Can't beat putting on "The End" in a dark room and taking a couple of aspirins, if you have a headache... erm...

Anyhow, Ross is still wrong about Floyd, and I still like the Doors.

*Runs off to find his copy of "Morrison Hotel*
Elfy is your Avatar from the origonal movie!

Ross, my new avatar (thanks again Taz) is of Fingolfin! It's lost some detail in being transformed into the avatar, but itís taken from one of the coolest artist depictions Iíve ever seen of anything from The Silmarillion, and was done by this guy by the name of Timo VG Vihola, who specializes in 2d, and 3d computer art. Here's the link if you wanna check out the full pic, I think youíll like it!
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Oh man is he ever a great artist, Timo VG Vihola, not the topic of this tread; however, some of his lizards are kings. Click on the link in Elfstone's above post and then on the 'next' or 'index' at the bottom of the resulting page to see for yourself.
Hey Plastic lad its cool...at the time I just got caught up in the moment and bygones be bygones and what not...I think I never grew out of The Doors phase and I hope I never do cause the day that I do it will be truly sad.
He's a good artsit
I have seen some of his work and I was impressed.
Yes Ross you're absolutely right about Floyd and always have been.

(Yes Ross , I can do it here as well remember Wink Smilie)

*apologies for this abuse of power, but there you go kids, Ross deserves it*

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I believe that Mr.Morrison's intentions for his music were fairly simple,but also ambitious-he tried to marry poetry with music,adding his amatuer filmmaker's artsy viewpoint into the mix.His inspirations ranged from poets to painters to philosophers of the time to the underground Blues scene in southern(American) black clubs.I do not think he felt that he had enough worth as a human being and as an artist to be cocky or pretentious,having come from a miserable childhood and being somewhat of an outcast in his adolescence.He did not attempt to make the music he did for glory or drugs or sex or critical acclaim,he did it for the pure expression of ideas and for the art itself.He loved to push the limits of everything,seeing no permanence in life and believing that all things are possible.I am no expert,I did not know the man,and I only am going off of heresay,but to be an artist is to be frequently misunderstood,as he has been sometimes.I think his music and verse are brilliant but he was no god or savior,he was just a very gifted human,as we all are in unique ways.