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Thread: I got banned at onering.net for using "suck"

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Man, that really sucks!!!! Big Smile Smilie
(someone had to say it, so it might as well have been me)
We have no problem with you using the term "Sucks" as long as it is within contexts and not used within any sexual innuendos Smile Smilie
what the hell is wrong with saying "sucks"? Providing you didn't mean it in a sexual way I don't see what the problem is.
Maybe Faye's fingers kept slipping two keys to the right? Wink Smilie
Wink Smilie
Oh well. It socks, yeah. Big Smile Smilie
lol..good one Tommy!
doh! why didn't I think of that!!!
There's always someone who thinks of it first. Smile Smilie
They banned you just for that. Sorry to hear about it though. Smoke Smilie Big Laugh Smilie
An official Gandalf geek eh? Animated Wink Smilie Well, we didn't have that one yet... Tongue Smilie
Are you kidding?!! We can't even say pass here Wink Smilie

Hey!! When did that get fixed??

[Edited on 8/11/02 by ProgHead777]

pass, assume...............IT WORKS!!!

Pary Smilie
Thank-you, Taz (at least I aSSume Taz fixed it)
Pary Smilie
Hey great! Thanks Taz! You're the best! Big Smile Smilie

Pass, mass, lass, bass, sass...yay! Thanks Tazzy!


Mwahahahahahahahahahaha!!! Very Evil Smilie

[Edited on 15/8/2002 by Ungoliant]
Careful, Golly, we don't want to give Taz any excuses to change it back. Wary Smilie
Naughty, naughty Ungoliant. Wink Smilie
I meant the mule! Honest... I'm really a sweet little Girl Smilie who would never, ever cuss or use a bad word, G.

Lighening Smilie
Bull**** you're ****ing worse then the ****ing rest of us put to****ing gether Wink Smilie
What scares me, Plastic, is that I actually understand your cryptic postBody. Super Scared Smilie Disturbed Smilie
What scares me, Plastic, is that I actually understand your cryptic postBody. Super Scared Smilie Disturbed Smilie
Big Laugh Smilie Rednell: The trouble with these modern generations, is that they don't leave anything for the imagination, Very Big Grin Smilie
Really? I don't understand it at all, but then I'm a sweet and innocent young lad who knows no bad words, and just added a lot of stars to look cool. Wink Smilie
Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie
Sure, Plastic!
Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie
Yey!So we can like say @@^&^^%%$(((and your granmother's a^&%&*(*&^&%&^#(@#
and not get kicked?WOW! Very Evil Smilie I saw a forum half year ago where words like bass or luck.... Very Big Grin Smilie were present in every postBody-now those imbecils were really cussing!Fortunatly,it wasn't a Tolkien foru.....*gasp!*......just some weird forum,I don't know what it was all about in the first place Smile Smilie .But I think it's way better this way.ps: so can we or can we not use 'duck' in here?
Hey Raptor, you should see an edit button at the bottom of each of your posts that you can use to modify or delete your own posts.

That said, when talking about Herman Melville's book about the Great White Whale, we have to write Moby Richard or else it comes out Moby Dick. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie Is that stupid or what?

[Edited on 25/10/2002 by Grondmaster]
What an innocent I am!!!
As I learned my English largely from reading books, I must have read good decent old-fashioned books... because I am getting constantly startled by discovering that some innocent looking work is an obscenity!!!
I already got "stars" twice in my post, when I wanted to say about myself that I am a donkey, and for the scond time when I was writing about a female dog... And now Moby Richard!!!
What next?!!!!
Thanks,Grondmaster-I really hadn't noticed it.
One time I was in a Tolkien chatroom,I was new there,*cough cough* and kept saying sex not sec(On pure accident) and got in lots of trouble,almost banned.But the X and C are very close to each-other,and I slip-up alot. Very Sad Smilie Moderator Smilie
AWW! That "Sucks!" lol. My god. lil kids dont watch lotr! Those stupid website people! I cant believe they did taht
Actually Wooffy, you'd be suprised to know how many children also enjoy the books and movies,and those "stupid website people" are usually just trying to keep things as clean as possable and some times go too far. Elf Winking Smilie
hehe nice
Where do you draw the line though? Censorship is just a matter of opinion. If I had one complaint about PT, it would be that the censorship is a little too tight. Some people allow anything, some go 'too far', it all depends on what they see fit.

BTW, is the Moby Dick problem fixed yet?
Obviously not. I think it should be.
The real problem is obscene language is like beauty, it's in the eye of the beholder. Also, it is different in different cultures. The diminutive of Richard is seldom thought a euphemism around here, especially when capitalized, though it had been in the past. We have found some words are beyond the pale, are tame, or have no negative connotation whatever, depending whether you live in Great Britain, Australia, Canada, or the United States. Go figure.
My god. lil kids dont watch lotr!

Ummmm, Not true!!! My 9 year old son has seen both FOTR and TTT, granted he did not see them in the theater, but at home, and we could pause and explain things to him, but none the less he has seen them. He has also read part of the Hobbit on his own, and hopefully some time soon, we will read it together. He reads these forums and is very interested in learning more and more about Tolkien's world. He will probably will also see ROTK too.
So, yes kids do watch LOTR

I don't see the problem with using the word "suck". it's not even a swear. It's more of a slang.
Sheesh! Those American webrings...
that is hilarious
It all depends, I reckon, on the way you use the curse. Obviously, ill intentioned coarse language can be a nusance. I talk with bad expressions all the time. But I never mean any harm. Its just quicker to think of "this piece of sh.." than of "the broken resistor inside this tiny space in the toaster." It“s harmless, not offensive, then it is admissible. Besides, not being able to sa... write what one wants suck!Elf Smilie
... I got banned from the chat room for saying I loved every one. It“s never good enough for them. Ha Ha Ha Smilie
PJ sucks
What a useful post that was Aulė. So incredibly connected to the topic also. You always know what to say and where to say it. Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie
Hmm.... It's the first time i see Amarie annoyed at someone. Interesting...
"Vampyres Suck?"

Pumpkin Smilie
Hmm.... It's the first time i see Amarie annoyed at someone. Interesting...

Oh you haven't seen my replys to Aulės and Ross' "PJ is crap and deserves to die and everyone who disagrees is crap too" posts we used to have so many of? Wink Smilie
Virumor used to join in too, but he stayed away from the "kill PJ" level.

I try not to bite someones head of befor they decerve it, but it is a looong time since we agreed that it was New Line who ordered the changes in the movies, and that they would be alot closer to the book if PJ had gotten to do it his way. Aulė just sounded like a broken record.

"Vampyres Suck?"
Ha Ha Ha Smilie
Well, actually Vampires are supposed to lap up blood but if they wanna suck let em....after all they were kids once!