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Thread: Any Italians?

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Sorry Grondy, we'll behave Angel Smilie
The ping-pong was great Asteroth, I watched for about a minute wondering why the spectator on the far side of the table was moving from side to side, before it hit me over the head with a hammer. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

[Edited on 31/7/2003 by Grondmaster]
Was it my one that made you remove the thread? If not, go to google. Type in "weapons of mass destruction" and hit the I'm feeling lucky button. Very clever error page.

[Edited on 1/8/2003 by Ross]
I've seen the weapons of mass destruction thing before, it's very good.
League of nations.Thats so cool.
Thats so cool, it's enter the dragon with stick men!
Once No. 4 loaded it was fun to play, especially if you keep playing through to the roof tops. Almost as much fun as Bin Ladin in the liquor store, though tougher.
I've seen all those before; the third one is the best.
LOL, someone had too much time on their hands with that ping pong one!
The xiaoxiao movies were really funny too, I showed my brothers and they were laughing their heads off!
Here's a stupid, stupid, stupid one, but it's kinda funny:
Not having anything better to do than finish reading the forum, I waited for the Bus. The wait was interesting in a weird kind of way. "Big Brown Bear, Blue Bug, Biking Backwards, Buster Bob's Baseball Bus." - Is a different bus. I saw that B book in my dentist's office yesterday, but still haven't read it for nigh on thirty years; I just sort of remember how it starts
That shooting one is virtual cop for the sega saturn.