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Thread: What do you like?

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I like Skate boarding, almost anything legal, thrilling (and a few illegal..maybe Jumping Flame Smilie I )
I seem to recall answering something like this once before, but no doubt that thread is now buried deep someplace.

I like reading (mainly fantasy), writing, messing about in boats, PC games, eating, drinking, rock music, playing rolemaster with my son, and watching films. Between work and PT, however, I have little time left over for anything else, which is fortunate that I love both of them too. Smile Smilie
Chatting, writing, chilling, reading, playin out wit me mates over the park, buying mags, listening to loads of different types of music...Not much really. Big Smile Smilie

I like to eat:pizza, lollies, ice-cream, cucumber, jacket patato, ribs, salad, carrots, onion bits, little fried pieces of the batter I think or sumthin like that, they`re like bacon bits.

I like to read, fantasy, autobiography(depending on who it`s about), Real life, made up real life.
Girls..........pity they don't like me Wink Smilie
Fishing, reading, golf, writing......don't worry, im hopeless, 8 ball pool, euka, hopeless at that too, but a great game none the less, oh, and patience, chess, and Katherine Kerr books. Music, heaps of variaty, blues, folk, metal, classic rock, and celtic to name a few.

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I like Reading Fantasy (obviously), Football, music (Metal, Rap, Progressive House, Reggae), Clubbing, hanging out with mates doing various legal and illegal stuff. My favourite food is sausage and chips, my favourite drink is Grolsch. I'll add more later.
Today I like lying on my sofa reading comics and listening to Frank Zappa. Tommorrow it might be something different.
Er.. I like oh so many things...
so I'll just take the things I simply love.

Skiing, The Alpes, travelling, languages, cultures, meeting and getting to know new people, writing poems and short stories, painting, drawing, singing, dancing, acting, performing, playing the piano, reading in general, reading Fantasy, Tolkien, all of his masterpieces, PT, my friends, boys, girls, making plans, being organized (though I'm usually not anyway), partying, clothes, shopping, money, counting money, saving, marketing, cats, music and tea.

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I forgot to add this, my favourite alcohol drink, would have to be either WKD or a orange Breezer. I shouldn`t really be drinking either of them ut I have one on the odd occassion. Big Smile Smilie

Rho, u made me realise wot I forgot as well, boys...mates and closer than mates. Big Smile Smilie

I like my friends, I like parties, goin hyper, being one of the funniest ppl in the group of ppl that hangs around wit me. U`s have never seen me be funny, there`s not much chance either that u will really, I do have one speacialty... Wink Smilie Not letting on though...

I`m addited to my computer! Ever since I joined this site New Year`s day, I haven`t missed many days not coming on here, except holidays really.

I like, my garden coz it`s the biggest so far out of all my mates...I like my T.V`s, one`s got SKY, one`s got NTL, the other three have got normal T.V. I LUV my new phone, ok, I`m gonna shut up, I feel like I`m bragging...

Sorry! Sad Smilie
Hmm... I like sailing and being on the water and my boat and such, I like to fence, read (especially fantasy or trashy romance novels Big Smile Smilie ), I like to sing and dance, I don't limit myself to one kind of music, and hanging with my friends and family. Oh, and the animal shelter, I love being there too. I like to talk, my dad nicknamed me Dizy when I was toddler because he said I talked too fast and too much for him to keep up and it made him dizzy. Wink Smilie I like to garden, though mine is dying right now, being choked out by weeds I haven't pulled yet.
I like to eat: mash potatoes, I love mashed potatoes! And I like to drink pretty much anything... whether I'm suppossed to or not Big Smile Smilie

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I love to read,talk and be with my friends and family. I like to ride horses and pet my cats/kittys.
Gardening is a passion I have,but never get to carry it out. Fishing is another thing I love to do,but I dont like killing the fish.
I use to write storys,and also wrote a book when I was younger,just a small one but it was big enough to be a book. I dont like to leave my home,or the farm.Being around too many people make me feel sick and I get nervous.
Today I will be mostly liking....

Corned Beef.
Today I will be mostly liking....

Corned Beef.

Brings back memories of the Fast Show, the greatest show ever to grace our TV screens.
i like: music (mostly classic rock or heavy metal), parties, my friends, girls, my family (sometimes), skating, being on the boat, and fire ... Wink Smilie
Reading, painting, model making, wargaming, shooting, socialising (being drunk), rock music, metal music, electronic music, soul music, R&B music (by this I mean rythm & blues, not the cack they play on the radio at the moment), thrashing on the guitar, graphic design, playing computer/console games, playing with my pets and hanging around with my nephew (he's the coolest two year old I've ever met!)
Read fantasy, attempt to write short stories, poems, etc.
Draw, compose music, play music, sailing (only went once Sad Smilie ), chatting, cats (got 2), piano, painting (only once Sad Smilie ), archery.
I like to eat anything Irish (even though I'm not), anything with basil in it, pizza with pineapple, and various sweet things that I can eat and eat; I won't gain any weight anyway, ha! I may grow even taller (if that's even possible), but I've never been average or above average weight. Big Laugh Smilie
and various sweet things that I can eat and eat; I won't gain any weight anyway, ha!

¤sticks tongue out at Arcorma¤ No fair!
ha! I may grow even taller (if that's even possible), but I've never been average or above average weight.

How tall are you Arco?! Im short,so I take extra intrest in people who are tall. Smile Smilie
Lady Feawen... well, I'm not EXTREMELY tall, like Ross, but I'm taller than the rest of my family. I'm about 5' 11 1/2, or something like that.
I'm not
I'm just bigger than most people. It's not my fault I have to cock my head on busses. Sad Smilie
I like reading, watching movies, music ( a really big variety), dancing (I dance flamenco, but i like all dances), singing, writing, and what I love, and do professionally is acting and teaching, and I also like forums, web sites, and a lot of things related with computers
I like, writing, radio, reading fantasy, drinking Mountain Dew, surfing PT, baseball, computer games.
Oh and I also love to eat! Wink Smilie
drinking Mountain Dew,

Lol, and I also like drinking Freska.
Lol, and I also like drinking Freska.
Alcoholic Smilie
Myself, I'm partial to 4 oz. of white unsweetened grapefruit juice cut with a 12 oz. can of cold diet 7up. (vodka or tequila optional, which I seldom add).
drinking Mountain Dew,

Yup, good ol' Mountain Dew! It'll put a sparkle in your eye and a spring in your step! Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie
I like The Matrix. And I'm a member of 8 different forums, a KOC addict, and a 24/7 Kazaa User.
I'll eat any food as long as it's Italian, but no fish (we hear Gollum screaming about ruining nice tasty fish), and Chinese chicken rules!
I like to read Feist, Anne Rice, and Hickman/Weis (Hey! That rhymes!)
For music, I like Evanescence, limpbizkit, rammstein, Sum 41, Juno Reactor, Korn, and Linkin Park. I'll listen to pretty much anything except country or jazz.