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Thread: Tracy Hickman (topicAuthorID of Dragonlance) speaks on Harry Potter and LOTR MUST READ!!!

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What he said, I think all of us here at the forum have finally come around to agree. That he said it so well is probably because he is a professional writer.

The reason why H.P. followed the book so closely is that J.K. Rowley had too much control over the screenplay. P. Jackson didn't have the postAuthorID looking over his shoulder, or if old J.R.R. Tolkien did, he kept his comments to himself and let the director get on with his business. Wink Smilie

Disclaimer: I have not yet seen the H.P. movie and am still wishing she would churn out the fifth book already. Had she spent her time on that, the movie might have been better received.
I actually did like the movie and plan to buy it and watch it on DVD often, but... it is plainly not a "big screen" movie. It has too many holes of "empty space" that I just don't want to spend another 7.50 to watch. I think HP will do vastly better in the video market, making it a blockbuster by anyones standard (hopefully overtaking Titanic). I also feel certain that Fellowship will get the top five movies of all time once it comes out on video (especially if they put a trailer for TTT on it??????)

*chortle, chortle* Bloke's called Tracy..... Big Smile Smilie
Good points though.
hey yeah i also thought Tracy Hickman was a woman!!!
but then again i also thought Terry Brooks and Terry Pratchett both women [i still dont know which one is male]
i doubt they had good times in high school!
As far as I can remember from an interview with J.K, she didn't actually take much of an active part in the overseeing of the H.P fim?
If she had any imput at all, she should consider herself very fortunate, most postAuthorIDs don't have any say in the movie version of their book. Which I think is a good idea... let the chips fall where they may and the blame go to the director/actor/scriptwriter!