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Thread: If you had to spend the rest of your life...

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Pizza or steak. And I would prefer for something classical when it comes to music. Smile Smilie
hm....Im not sure....for the song it prob should be one without any singing...for exampel techno and for the food maybe swedish pancakes or a steak of some sort. Tongue Smilie
Food : the stuff the UN drops over Somalia and southern Sudan. contains enough to stay alive for a few hours.

Song : no idea i like so many songs. maybe Hallowed be thy name from maiden.
Food: oatflake porridge with milk - not very tasty but sustaining
Song: old good "Angie" of Rolling Stones
I'd eat sausage and chips and listen to Tubular Bells.
Vindaloo, and One Minute by John Cage. (Hope somebody gets that joke)
I would say pizza to eat and 'Invincible' by Skillet to listen to.
Baked beans on brown bread toast contains all the essential amino acids our body requires, so it would have to be that. While I was getting my daily fix of essential amino acids, however, I would be trying to convince my mind that I was really eating Surf and Turf (a steak surrounded with Scampi) and a big plate of chips.

The song would probably be Since I've been loving you by Zeppelin.
Hmmm ... I'd say chips and ... I can't think of any song not sad (Queen's 'Show Must Go On' or DM's 'When I Lose Myself') or gentle (Enya's 'Athair Ar Neath', 'May It Be') ...

One of these would have to do, I guess ...

Probably scalloped potatoes for food Tongue Smilie

for music, something soundtrack-ish, like Breaking of the Fellowship, Treason of Isengard, King of the Golden Hall, GOLLUM'S SONG, or some other movie music, like H. Potter, the Mummy, etc.

Wait! erm... Suerte by Shakira, or Feuer Frei by Rammstein, maybe that old theme song from James Bond Moonraker. Oh, The World is Not Enough also.
Argh! Choices.

And Then theres lasagna and swordfish with lemon, oh... choices... why did I ever make this topic if I knew i wouldn't be able to answer it? Smile Smilie lol

Very Sad Smilie Just kidding. Smile Smilie
All this food has made me hungry; I'm going to call a time out and go make my dinner: a tossed green salad and greasy speghetti (using elbo mac, Ragu and Italian sausage).
Beer and Britney Spears-Hit me baby one more time
or could have been
Whiskey and Christina Aguilera-Genie in a bottle

Naah, i'm just kiddin'
Food : I'm a Vampire, what do you think i'd take with me? Wink Smilie
Song : Dream Theater-A change of Seasons (20 Minutes long) Cool Smilie