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Thread: Help!

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Don't go lookin' for any person over the internet to give your home address to,alot of creeps out there. Best to be pen pals with some one you know in person and really know,such as a family member or boyfriend.Its alot more rewarding to do so with a person you know that truly cares about ya.

[Edited on 16/11/2003 by LadyFeawen]
That's not bad advice, actually. If I were looking, I'd perhaps begin by looking around this site for anyone who might be interested, and then exchange addresses by PM.

When I was a lot younger, and the net didn't exist (or home computers for that matter), writing to pen pals was quite common. I'm not sure whether they still do, but a lot of magazines in those days had adverts of people looking for pen pals in other countries. I'm not suggesting you use them, but several of the biker magazines like Backstreet Hero still do. I'd find a magazine catering for something you are interested in and see if there's anything like that in it. Most of them will use a PO Box so you won't have to give your address until you are happy.

Be careful though.
I lost the first wording to this post, but I will try to remember what I wrote.

Moderator Smilie Never give out your last name, phone number, or mailing address over the open internet until you are an adult and maybe not even then. Too much grief can come from it. Moderator Smilie

You could write your letters using Word or some such program; only give your first name and city; and send them as attachments via email where you each use a pseudonym email account. Limit them to not more than one a week or so and you can have the fun safely. Of course you can't exchange stamps and light weight objects like you can with surface mail, but in this day and age, safety is much more important IMHO. Teacher Smilie
Don't worry Grondy! *hugs Grondy* I'd never give out my name or address over the net and I'd cirtainly never give out my phone number. Nobody would be able to find my house by useing my last name anyways, my Mum and Stepdad have a different last name to me. I kept my fathers last name.
Halo, you're from FL right? Why not try someone in the US to start you off, and if you want someone overseas to write to, ask a language teacher at your school, they usually know good agencies.
I have a total of 12 overseas penpals, not including old friends from England and PT people! Big Smile Smilie It's really rewarding to get to open your heart up to kids around the world, to experience different cultures!
Go for it Halo!
Let me know what you decide to do,Halo,please. Happy Elf Smilie
Well, I got in touch with this girl (over the internet). It should be fun to write to eachother, cause we have a lot in common. But she wanted to swop addresses strate away. But I told her I'd rather chat over emails for a while first. I think I'd rather get to know a person before I start writing to them. I just wish I was writing to someone I already knew, but I don't have any friends outside my home town and my family members are too busy to write anyways.
I could write to my father, but the day he'd reply would be the day hell froze over. Sad Smilie
why don't you want to have a pen pal over the internet?? That would be safer because they wouldn't know where you live.
just a thought. let me know what you've decided too.