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Thread: I am brand new

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Hello Members... I am new to planet tolkien and if anybody has any tips, please let me know. Although so far i am lost and have know idea what I am doing, it is great to be a part of it. Thanks!
Welcome Torvelthis Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
I shall add my "I'm new post" too..

I go by the alias DeathMC all over the Internet. I'm from the netherlands (so don't mind my bad english spelling and grammar). I'm a male of 19 years old.
I'm not realy very new to Middle Earth, but I'm certainly no expert. I'm reading Lord Of The Rings for the second time (half way the book) and I've read both the hobbit and the Silmarillion. I enjoyed The Silmarillion very much (especially the beginning).

Well, If you got questions, just ask..
Hello Torvelthis and Deathmc. Nice to meet you guys and welcome to PT!
Thank you for the welcome Tarrant and Stonehelm... everyone has made me feel quite at home here!!! Welcome DeathMC!!
Welcome to Planet-Tolkien Torvelthis and Deathmc. Hope to see you around.
Thank you very much for the warm welcome here on planet tolkien. I find it very interesting to read stuff here on this site. I will keep visiting, that's for sure..
I am also new. Incase anybody is interested.
Hi Torvelthis, DeathMC and Jorus Waving Hello Smilie
Welcome to PT!
Actually, I have already met Torvelthis adn DeathMC in the chatroom. Great to see you guys.
Come in and join us sometime Jorus, I would love to meet you too.
Welcome to Planet-Tolkien Jorus!! Make yourself at home, which is really easy to do...
A warm welcome to Torvelthis, DeathMC and Jorus. Waving Hello Smilie
Hey there Jorus. Welcome to this family we call Planet Tolkien!
Welcome to Planet-Tolkien Jorus. Happy Elf Smilie Enjoy yourself and I hope to see you around.
Mae Govannen Mellon, im Arwen. Elen sila lumenn omentilmo. Aa' lasser en lle coia orn n' omenta gurtha ta Aa' i'sul nora lanne'lle.
Welcome Friend, I am Arwen. May a star shine on the hour of our meeting. May the leaves of your life tree never turn brown and may the wind ever fill your sails.

Hannon le, Arwen, mellon nin.

edit: sorry, I forgot to translate: Thank you, Arwen, my friend.
hi! i am new to have you found anything funny on planet tolkien? Super Wow Smilie
Welcome to Planet Tolkien all our new members. I hope you all have a great time here. I look forward to seeing you all around. Smile Smilie
Welcome fellas! I look forward to seeing you all around on PT! Happy Elf Smilie
Greetin' folks and welcome hope you enjoy the show and catch you around