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Thread: Hello I'm new

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I'm new and I think I need some guiding on this site from some one who knows this better than me...

sencerial Salon
Hello, I've been here for a while and might be able to help. Just give me a holler, and I'll do my best to help, althought you might be better off talking to a council member.
Welcome to PT Salon!
You will notice that there is a link for Help under Your Account on the menu on the left.
If you still need help, drop into the chatroom and I am sure someone will be able to help you.
You will notice that you will get a message repeated after everything you post in the chat referring to the applet being unregistered. Just ignore it, Taz is taking care of that.
See you around.
In Fellowship,
(Doing a lot of greeting today!)

Hi there Salon! Nice to have you here at PT!
Welcome to Planet-Tolkien Salon, I hope you have found a friend to show you the ropes. Happy Elf Smilie
Hello i'm new. Smile Smilie
Mae Govannen Mellon, im Arwen. Elen sila lumenn omentilmo. Aa' lasser en lle coia orn n' omenta gurtha ta Aa' i'sul nora lanne'lle.
Welcome Friend, I am Arwen. May a star shine on the hour of our meeting. May the leaves of your life tree never turn brown and may the wind ever fill your sails.

Welcome to Planet Tolkien Salon. I hope you enjoy yourself around here once you get to know your way around a little better.
Welcome to PT! Happy Elf Smilie