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Thread: Help, please!

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Am I new? I can't remember, Oh, well, u lot can still help me. HAve u ever heard of a play called Our Day out by Willy Russel, if so, can u please tell me a bit about the storyline and characters? Thanks!
I googled "Our Day out by Willy Russel" and from http://www.royaltytheatre.co.uk/Our%20Day%20Out.htm I came up with
A riotous tale of underprivileged teenagers on a school outing, this production showcases the talents of the Royalty's resident youth theatre, NADA (Northern Academy of Dramatic Art). As the pupils boisterously rampage their way through a roadside cafe, a zoo and the beach, Willy Russell's play perfectly captures the joys and agonies of growing up.
So I guess you should try googleing it with two ells in Russell. For Google, click here.
No, that sounds right, our drama teacher outlined it something like that. I just wanted a bit more info, so thanks! See, I'm auditioning for a part next week, due to my mate putting my name down, even though I didn't really know what it was about. Yes, I know I'm a twit! Pary Smilie