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Thread: cyber chatter...

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OMGWHWC = Oh my God! What have we created?
kewl chika, tq. Smile Smilie
OMGWHWC = Oh my God! What have we created?

WCAM = we've created a monster! :P
BRYA: bloody right you are
OMG: Oh my God!
CBT: Can't believe this!
TIPTYK: This is Planet-tolkien, you know?
Big Smile Smilie
SOS = Save Our Socks.Big Smile Smilie
Sorry, just had to add that.
Found some more in an internet guide:

afaik - as far as I know
AOLer - AOL member (said to be often not a compliment? why?)
A/S/L - age sex location
bohica - bend over here it comes again
bd or bfd - big deal
f2f - face to face
g - grin
hth - hope this helps
imho - in my humble opinion
rtm or rtfm - read the manual
sol - sooner or later
tia - thanks in advance
wth? or wtf? - what the hell
ymmv - your mileage may vary

and some other emoticons:

X= fingers crossed
:=) little hitler (no disrespect to Germans)
{} hugging, (one Taz should find useful)
$-) greedy (or in my case, my ex)
X-) I see nothing (usefull to hogans heros fans)
:-X I'll say nothing (as above)
:-L~~ drooling (usefull when discussing actors in LOTR)
0:-) angel (dont expect to see this often)
}:> devil (expecting to see this!)
:8) pig
\O/ hallelujah
@}'--,-- a rose (handy for valentine's day or forgotten birthday)

and finally, one just for Plastic Squirrel

(_)] Beer!

HTH anyone who is not up with the latest cyber lingo! AFAIK it is exhaustive, though IMHO SOL sombody will come up with some more X=, so TIA and WTF? \0/ :-X more.
0:-) {} {} {}
cos = because
sth = something
TTT = the two towers
FOTR = fellowship of the ring
ROTK = return of the king Wink Smilie
HP = Harry Potter
PJ = Peter Jackson
Big Smile Smilie
PL=please stop
i cant handle it
This one then: AITGVETWTFOTE= Aulë Is The Greatest Vala Ever To Walk The Face Of The EarthTongue Smilie
Yeah...sure Aule...we are all just writing AITGVETWTFOTE 24-7 Big Laugh Smilie
At work I keep coming across more and more working groups and legislation that seemed obsessed with acronyms. At times I feel its a conspiracy by people in the know, to keep people not in the know out.
In any bureaucratic document the first time an acronym is used, it should have the full name written out followed by the acronym in parentheses, from then on in the document, the acronym is fine. Failing to do this, assuming the reader knows everything, is criminal (IMHO) and should be possum-skewered to the fullest extent as allowed by law. This from a former reader and writer of Federally funded documents. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
EJW-Elijah Wood (whom i will prolly use the droolin thingy 4)
Elwood-Elijah Wood
GMWAS = Gag me with a spoon Wink Smilie
ORTRTAORTFTORTBTAAITDBT:one ring to rule them all...... Smoke Smilie
CIO: Cut It Out! Super Scared Smilie
i think i have sum more:

sum-some (unless sum1's doin math on here)
EW-Elijah Wood :-L~~
cya-see you
Age is merely a number. It seems such a shame that so many people base their self-image even partially on something that is really an invention of man. I've known people in their seventies (my grandmother, god bless 'er) with more clarity and verve than some teenagers I know. I'm not afraid of growing old (though I frequently joke about it, telling people I'm a quarter of a century... woe is me Big Laugh Smilie ) because I know that it is truly a state of mind. The number of times the Earth has circled the sun has no direct physical effect on you.

So cheer up! Your nowhere near old unless you insist on it.
By the way, when is your birthday? I can't wait to tease you about being older later. lol.
In that case I am not telling you, particularly as the next one is the big 4..0 Very Sad Smilie

They say life begins at forty, but for me life seems to have re-began so many times now, I'm just feeling extra-old.
Val, you can't be an old Dinosaur yet. You are only a year older than me. 36? right? or is it 39? I am only 35 and I AM NOT OLD yet!!! By the way, when is your birthday? I can't wait to tease you about being older later. lol.
Yeah, Prog's right Val! You're only as old as you feel... So if you feel 20, why would you worry about becoming 40? It's just a number, it's meaningless anyway.

And I'm glad to see so many people support me here. The cyber chatter does get on my nerves sometimes. And you even see it at school too now. Some people can't write proper English anymore! I met someone only last week who thought "you" is actually spelled "u". So Angry Smilie
Being an old dinosaur, I tend to just switch off when I see whole postBodys written like this.

At work I keep coming across more and more working groups and legistation that seemed obsessed with acronymes. At times I feel its a conspiracy by people in the know, to keep people not in the know out.
WIETA: What is everyone talking about?
ARAMS!!!!: Acronyms really annoy me sometimes!!!!
BIGISSB...: but I guess I should stop babbling Wink Smilie

Its ridiculous sometimes, isn't it?
I don't know what WETA is an acronym for, but it does refer to the special effects workshop used by Peter Jackson and co. for the making of the LOTR trilogy.

HTH Big Smile Smilie
Just wondering: why do we have to use all these acronyms and abbreviations? If it goes on for much longer, I don't think anyone can talk or write proper English anymore! I admit I use some of them myself, like cos and sth and lol and roflmao and so on, but at least I use them in a plainly English written text. Rolling Eyes Smilie
I don't mind the abbreviations and things in the forums so much (though it does get annoying sometimes)...I think it's truly obnoxious when someone is handwriting a note or something and uses cyber-speak...it's just silly.
I think that you are right, Tommi. These abbreviations or cyber-speak have somehow infiltrated forums from chat rooms and SMS messaging, where their use is more appropriate.

In the forums, they do sometimes make people's posts difficult to read if the reader is not up to date with the language. I try to only use the well known ones, like LOL etc. and Tolkien specific ones like LOTR, that most people should either know, or be able to work out fairly easily.
I know what you guys mean. I come across more and more all the time that I'd never heard before. It actually gets on my nerves when people start abbreviating even the most basic words. Long phrases or frequently used exclaimations is one thing, but come on! When you come across entire posts written in so-called "l33t speak" it gets quite annoying. Thankfully, it's not too much of a problem here. You want to see a bad example check out a video game forum or chat Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie
I agree it does get a bit confussing at times. I think this thread will help, if I can remember where it is. lol.

They say life begins at forty,

Try telling that to John Lennon! (Sorry bad taste I know, but it's one of my favourite jokes, I hate the ****ing Beatles)
What I really like in this Forum is that we are discussing in terms of equality and age does not matter. It's really great!
But returning to the question of cyber chatter, what does that mean, "topped"? This expression is often repeated in the titles of threads and I am more and more curious what does it mean?
(Topped) next to a thread name means that this thread will remain at the topof the thread list regardless of when the last post was made. It is used to draw attention to important threads. Mods are able to top and untop threads.
Ah, I see!!! Thank you!
I've been wondering about that too! Thank you Eryan for asking and thank you Ally for answering. Wink Smilie
You're welcome. Big Smile Smilie
OSH = Only Sorta Here
bf = boyfriend
gf = girlfriend

Uhm... yeah, that's all. =)
Of course, if you do not use these cyber shortcuts or even contractions, but write everything out, you can use both the chat room and the forum to practice your English, as Thingol77 said elsewhere, and you can be more certain that the readers will understand what you are trying to tell to them. But don't mind me, just do that with which you are comfortable.
I don't know what WETA is an acronym for, but it does refer to the special effects workshop used by Peter Jackson and co. for the making of the LOTR trilogy.

It's not an acronym it's a insect native to several islands in new zeland (the largest is on Knights Island). It's a protected species and has been severly decemated because of the introduction of rats to several islands. It's also the largest insect in the world. (as long as you dont count molluscs ask Val)

What a waste of ****ing time

[Edited on 26/1/2003 by Ross]
Accually you're right Ross(the bug thing-WETA).Anywyas, thanx Allyssa for answering that -and Eryan for asking, I also wandered a lot lot lot about it.

Dunno(though i'm usually the only one who uses it) means i DON'T know.-usually~~ i dunno-

Just thought to add that in.
Wiggle Smilie
Some of these which were stated are more like colloquialism, such as coz instead of because (or dunno instead of don't know), so I really think it's fine since most people talk like that anyway.

And as far as commonly accepted acronyms for use in expressions like lol, they are alright too since you would probably have to type something like *laughing out loud!*
to replace it.

But to find acronyms for pretty much anything and everything and creating "cyber" terms for whatever you can possibly think of is just being lazy and plain silliness. What happened to good old-fashioned English? Actually all this cyber talk is one of the primary reasons why people can't spell these days... Perhaps we should have a Spelling Bee competition one of these days eh? Ha Ha Ha Smilie
It's also the largest insect in the world. (as long as you dont count molluscs ask Val)
I'm not sure whether they are the largest insects in the world (and mollusks are not insects), but the giant Wetas of New Zealand and the Cooloola monsters of Australia are certainly quite large (as insects go). Wingless crickets of the StenopelmapostThreadIDae family, they grow about 5 cm in length and weigh around 70 grams. Certain prehistoric dragonflies grew to around 60cm but there is nothing around today which compares to them.

Incidently, because insects rely on gaseous diffusion (rather than lungs or gills) to breathe, this limits the maximum size they can attain, hence we don't see killer wasps the size of eagles flying around.
From the Guiness Book of Records:

The heaviest insects are the Goliath beetles (family Scarabaeidae, genus Golianthus) of Equatorial Africa...

...in one series of fully grown males (females are smaller) the lengths from the tips of the small frontal horns to the end of the abdomen measured up to 4.33 inches (11 centimeters) and the weights ranged from 2.5 to 3.5 ounces (70.8 to 99.2 grams).

The longest insect is Pharnacia Kirbyi, which is a stick insect from the rain forests of Borneo. A specimen in the Natural History Museum, London, England has a body length of 12.9 inches (32.8 cm) and a total length, including the legs, of 20 inches (50.8 cm).

The largest spider is the goliath bird eating spider of Surinam, Guyana, and French Guinana with isolated specimens found in Brazil and Venezuela. A male specimen collected in Rio Cavro, Venezuela in April 1965 had a leg span of 11.02 inches (28 cm).

And if you're not thoroghly grossed out yet, try this:

The species Microhaetus rappi is the longest earthworm and is found in South Africa. In 1937 a giant earthworm measuring 22 feet (6.7 meters) long when naturally extended and .8 inches (2.03 cm) in diameter was collected in the Transvaal.
Thanks for that info, Prog. The longest animal, however, is the Bootlace Worm which lives in the sea and can grow several hundred feet in length. Generally it is found, like all long lengths of string, to be knotted up in big balls.
Cool. Thanks Val I stand corrected, I bow down to you being that your the Ecologist. Everybody say hello to Valedhelgwath Kynes!
Heh that's pretty cool. Orc Grinning Smilie

Perhaps we should have a Spelling Bee competition one of these days eh?

Very Big Grin Smilie You're right though, Erkenbrand. I actually met someone only a couple of weeks ago who thought (not kidding here) that "you" is spelled "u". Orc Going Huh Smilie Talk about cybertalk there. What's happening to language?? Orc Going Huh Smilie

no offence to those that use it, but net speak just annoys me to no end!!!!!

generaly if someone is useing it a lot, i completely ignore them.... if i do pay attention, i dont generaly take them very seriously.....

course the same can be said for bad spellers too... Sad Smilie
I agree with you Gimli. It annoys me to when people use cyber speak too much, and I tend to ignore them as well.

I don't really care too much about the bad spelling too much though, because I am a pretty bad speller myself. But you are right it is hard to take someone seriously if they can't spell or they use a lot of net speak.
I agree too. I automatically assume they are 13 or so years old. And it is hard to figure out what the abbreviations mean when english is my second language.
course the same can be said for bad spellers too...

I can't help my inabillity to spell. I was too busy blowing things up in the chemistry lab, doing physics, maths or sculpting in the art section of my school to really bother with learning to spell.
Poor spelling makes me nuts, especially in forums and things...in chats, it's more acceptable because you're typing quickly and mistakes happen. But not proofreading posts and things is just a pain.

Also, Ross, I'm a physics major and generally science-y sort...if I can manage to spell correctly (most of the time), you can do it, too Wink Smilie
I dunno if i might be the only one, but i usually use PPL as people.

Big Smile Smilie

Wiggle Smilie
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