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I am on the verge of tears at the moment, partly from joy and partly from confusion. I came to the new Planet-Tolkien today, for the first time, and I read of all the wonderful things, races, mithril, and other cool things. But then I couldn't find the liguistics thread, so I tried to send Peredhil a message asking him about it, but I didn't have any mithril pieces, so I couldn't send him a message, so now I am just a lost, confused, lonely, poor Elf who doesn't know what's going on!
Nice to see you back around Cano! Hang in there, I'm sure Peredhil will be along soon. Elf Winking Smilie
Hi Cano!
If you do find out anything, let me know too. Wink Smilie
Last lesson I was in were October 28th, and nothing new has been taught since then. (But there was one catch-up class later on when I was away.) We agreed to have a Quenya class last Monday (jan 26th) but no Peredhil came and no class was mentioned in chat (as I could see). I think we are waiting for the Java chat applet here at PT to work properly. *?*

I've got notes from all the classes written in ms word if anyone wants them (written in English). It's easier than reading the chat logs.
Read Smilie Smile Smilie
Hi Cano. Welcome back.

I'm not sure what happened to the Linguistic Guild in the transfer between the sites, except it doesn't seem to have made it to these green and pleasant shores. If I remember correctly, wasn't it a section in its own right with numerous threads branching from it? If so, it's something beyond my own mod powers to recreate. If Taz can create a section for it once more, however, I will have a crack at retrieving the lost posts.
Thanks everyone. I'm not so lost, and not so confused now, but still poor. Paranoid Smilie I am learning my way around, but it's taking a while.
Amari’, if you would send me the lessons, I would really appreciate it. My e-mail is

Sorry about Monday, I had some internet problems; that's why I wasn't on PT yesterday either, but there will be a lesson on Monday, no matter what.
Lesson, regular time? If it's 8:30 GMT still, I will be able to make it. This semester I get out earlier than last. So anyway, looking forward to it, if it is still that time.


Oh yeah, thanks for the lessons, Amari’. I appreciate it. Animated Wink Smilie
Yes, the lessons will be at the same time. If you're not there, you'll be in trouble. Tongue Smilie