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Thread: Hello i'm new

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Hi just like to say i'm new here,

I am a huge Lord of the rings fan and love the books and the films, i am a bit of a lotr wiz , i know quite alot so post any questions if you dare!. I am a full time student with a lot on my plate so i will get to the forums when i can. I think tolkiens works and writings are all magnificent.
please excuse my username i typed it a bit too quick and mispelt it its supposed to say Boromir, but i don't know how to change it???????
Hope i'm welcome and i'm glad i worked out how to post, i spent the last 30 mins trying to figure it out. any way bye for now
Welcome to Planet Tolkien, Brormir. If you want to answer some questions, try popping into the History Of section where you will find a thread called The History of Middle Earth Brainteaser. There are several quizes in there from over the past year, plus one current one.
Hello, and welcome to PT Boromir! Happy Elf Smilie
Yes, Welcome to Planet-Tolkien Brormir. Happy Elf Smilie

Don't worry about your misspelled name; we have also have a misspelled Glorfindel and half the time I misspell my own name when writing checks. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie