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Heeeelllllloooooooooooooo everybody!!!!! OMG, it feels sooooooooo good to be back here again!! It's been way too long. All cuz I don't have a computer. Had to wait til school started again.

Anyway, who cares about that. As I was telling Taz....oops.....drat!....Tarrant (I'll have to get used to all the new things around here!), I absoluetly LOVE the new look of this place! It's so cool! And I'm really happy to see some familiar names in here too! I've missed PT!!!!! Jumping Flame Smilie I'm so excited to be back!! Unfortunately I can't stay here long until Friday cuz of my classes, but I can't wait to get back on these message boards and chat with all of you!

Hello to the newbies too! Look forward to chatting with you also!! Bye, bye for now!! Big Smile Smilie Cool Smilie Waving Hello Smilie
Welcome back Ringfacwen! I've been wondering where you' ve been off to. Big Smile Smilie
Hihi Ringfacwen, welcome back, I’m looking forward to chatting with you!!! Smile Smilie
Welcome back, Ringfacwen. Good to know we'll be seeing more of you again Big Smile Smilie
Yeah, Ringy's back!!! I was starting to get a little worried about you girl. Elf Winking Smilie
Welcome back Ringy, another of the old group is back in the fold. Happy Elf Smilie
Hi guys!!! It's funny....every time I get on here I get really excited!! I Feel like such a kid!!

I have a question though.....what are the mithril pieces for? can we use them somehow or do we just get them for fun? I meant to ask Taz that the last time I logged on here.

Also, where are the others?? Where's Ross........and Aire....and Sheryl???? And some of the others?? Does anyone know if they're coming back or not? I'll miss them if they're not. Sad Smilie
Welcome back Ringy! Big Smile Smilie I don't know where Ross is, but I think Aire and Sheryl are both lurking around here somewhere.
I believe once the site is fully functional, the mithril will not only be used to pay for the postal service (PM's), but will also be used to buy special features for each clan. I think these will include things like quizzes and competitions etc, with each clan getting to decide which features they want their area to have. Members will also be able to take jobs within their village too, which will earn them more mithril, although the training for some jobs will cost mithril in the first place. I'm not sure whether Taz is still going ahead with this idea, or if he is, how far he's got with programming it, but his idea was for this site to be a lot more interactive than the previous one.
Also, where are the others?? Where's Ross........and Aire....and Sheryl???? And some of the others?? Does anyone know if they're coming back or not? I'll miss them if they're not.

To the best of my knowledge Ross hasn’t been around at all since the new PT went live. I keep waiting for him to come in and tell us all how much ROTK stinks, and how horrible of a director PJ is.
Ha Ha Ha Smilie

Also, I haven’t really noticed Aire, or Sheryl around on the new PT yet either, but I have a feeling those two will turn up sooner or later. Glad your back though!
Happy Elf Smilie
Hey Ringfacwen! Welcome back! (Why am I doing the welcoming I arrived 6 days after you!) - hopefully I'll cya around!
Welcome back Gilvala. Happy Elf Smilie I guess you were having a bad hair day when they took that picture, eh what? Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Thanks for the responses guys. Glad to be back Elfstone!!

I think the Mithril pieces are a fantastic and fun idea! I hope Taz goes along with whatever he was planning!! Well, can't chat now cuz I'm at achool but I'll try to come on later in the week. I haven't posted anything yet on ROTK!! Big Smile Smilie