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I'm a new member and just wanted to thow out a greeting. However, i also have a question for those who can answer. I was wondering, as i have been searching, if there have ever been any recordings made of Tolkien reading his books? Weather it be The Hobbit, LOTR, the Silmarillion, etc. I am interested. Please let me know what you can. Thank you and greetings to all.

Welcome to Planet Tolkien, Cardthruil. I hope you have an enjoyable stay here.

With regards to your question, I'm unsure whether there are any tapes of Tolkien reading from his books. There are tapes made by the BBC of both the Hobbit and LotR, though, made for their own broadcasts. These are quite old now, but are very atmospheric.
I think I've heard Tolkien reading some Elvish texts, but I don't know where. Try Amanye Tenceli.
Hey there Cardthruil ! Waving Hello Smilie

That is so strange...

I have just come for a quick visit after being @ ebay..... Bidding on such a tape! No, really!!

It's looking good... I'm the highest bidder & it ends tonight!

It's a cassette produced by Tolkien's estate with recordings of 'He' himself reading excerpts from LOTR, Hobbit and him reading a piece of Elvish poetry! (Recorded in 1952 - about 40 minutes long) There is also a piece of music sung by a man whose name I can't recall.

I know it's only excerpts, but still! I too have never heard of anything else he may have done on record.

I'll check back at ebay later or in the morning & if I do win it I'd be happy to make a copy for you, if that's what you were after..... e-mail me at some stage & let me know.

Bye for now.

I've just been back to check - It's actually two tapes I'm bidding on:

1st is Tolkien reading excerpts from LOTH/Hobbit/Silm... This one I'll know about in less than 1/2 hour, when bidding ends (I'm still winning)

2nd is Tolkien reads poems & songs < that is the one that includes the Elvish poem... I'll not know about this one til tomorrow evening, after 7pm. (as above)

Either way - offer is there if excerpts will do ya!


... 1st one is mine! Woo hoo! .. Just to keep you up to date, Cardthruil.
Welcome to P-T Cardthruil, hope to see you around. Happy Elf Smilie

The BBC tapes and CDs are adaptations; the one of their LotR is about 12 hours worth of deamatised story. Their The Hobbit is about 4 hours long. They are very good.

Legolaslass: Neat!
Hey Grond/Cardthruil....

< Not a happy bunny! Sad Smilie Some pr**k has gone & out bid me on that 2nd cassette! Believe it or not - The same p***k has out bid me on a copy of the Hobbit... Guild copy ... Year I was born..... Aaaaagh!

Can you believe it?!?! I think he's got something against me!

All is not lost - The cassette listing ends at 7pm (GMT) so I'll be sitting here at 6:55... watching the minutes pass.... getting ready... TO POUNCE at the last minute! I still have hope! Same goes for The Hobbit, but that isn't til 11pm.. Just have to have another late night & try to get it! I still can't believe it's the same guy! He also out bid me on a copy of Robert Foster's 'Tolkien's Middle Earth' !! Just last night!

Conspiracy theory.... Aaaagh!

Any hoo, the offer still stands, Cardthruil, & y'all wish me luck against this Alan53 - person!

I'll keep you all posted!

Take care.
Sorry for my delayed reply. This is my first time back online since my post.
Thank you for your replies! Truthfully, I didn't think anyone would reply. Legolaslass, I hope you were not out bid and you got those tapes. That is very cool, I saw those tapes on e-bay as well, and have come across a web site that has many recordings of Tolkien reading poetry and excerpts from his books. I'll post later when I remember the web site if you ae intersted.

Thanks Again,
Hey Card... Mind if I call you Card - My brain hasn't 'started' yet today & spelling names gets so confusing! Exploding Head Smilie

YES!! That site.... When you get a chance.

I'm afraid I got out bid on the second tape (Poems & Songs) Sad Smilie Orc Sad Smilie , so that site might be handy! Got the first one ok, though, just waiting on delivery.

Will keep y'all 'posted' !

Take care all.

Hey Legolaslass,
Sorry about your being out bid on the second tape. However, it seems that you may have a new hope, as do I. The site with the Tolkien recordings--excerpts from various books:

In addition to this web site, I have found another that brings good news on this topic--this was discover in may of last year so they may be selling them by now or that might not be too far off. Check it out:

I think though that once you hear those recordings it will just make you want to hear Tolkien read the entire books--that is how I feel!

About my name, Cardthruil. In consistency with Tolkien's grammatic instructions, it would actually be pronounced Car - Thru - eel (silent D). But whatever haha.

Thanks. Talk to you later,

And so it it called The J.R.R. Tolkien Audio Collection for you and I to buy and any one else! Check this Link out, it says you can get it from Amazon for $17.50!

Check out the "You might also like...." part of the page on the right. There are some more interesting things.
Looking further into this--if there are exerpts I would think that there are recordings of the entire, but that may take a lot of digging.

Well OK, talk later,

or to address your calling me otherwise I guess that would be "Car" haha! Take it easy!
Big Smile Smilie
Thanks for that, Car (+ the silent D).

I've taken note & will check those sites out in the morn'.

Take care. x
Welcome to PT Gildor! Waving Hello Smilie
Change your name? Sorry, can't be done, well our allmighty and incredibly busy weblord Tarrant could, but he is waaaaay to busy trying to get this site working the way it should. But Gildor is a nice name, not even spelled wrong (we have a couple of those Elf Winking Smilie ). You'll get used to it. Smile Smilie
In the meantime, Gildor, tell us more about yourself.
Hello all...

As you can probably guess, I'm new here and still getting the hang of the whole "thread" thing.

I do have a question as well, that I would be most grateful if someone could answer. I'm from America, and I have no idea how to convert the pounds into US dollars. Does someone know how to do this? I'm trying to figure out how much the membership upgrade fee will cost me in US currency?

Hi and welcome to PT Empress of alvarra. Big Smile Smilie According to, ’1 is $1.90.
Welcome to Planet Tolkien, Gildor and Empress of alvarra. I hope you both have an enjoyable time around here.

The bearers of the Elven Rings were originally Gil-galad (who had two) and Galadriel. Prior to the Battle of the Last Alliance, however, Gil-galad gave his two rings to Elrond and Cirdan the Shipwright. Cirdan later passed his ring into the keeping of Gandalf when the Istari first came to Middle Earth.
Thanks Valedhelgwath Smile Smilie and I got a new name 2! somehow I my profile was kicked of so I maked a new name
Gil-galad gave his two rings to Elrond and Cirdan the Shipwright. Cirdan later passed his ring into the keeping of Gandalf when the Istari first came to Middle Earth.

I think Cirdan was given Narya, the Ring of Fire, by Gil-Galad when two Rings were sent to the north by Celebrimbor in the Second Age.
But Elrond indeed was given Vilya before the battle of Dagorlad.