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Thread: I know, another newbie "hello"

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Well, hello!
Yeah, this is probably like newbie greeting number 5 billion or something, but I have to make my first post sometime!
A question for someone familiar with these boards... where should I go for the good conversations? It seems like there are a lot of topics... can't look at them all.
BTW, I love LOTR, and I read the books first! Read Smilie Wink Smilie
hehe LOL!
Welcome Tinuvel.
We never get tired of welcoming new friends to Planet-Tolkien.
As far as suggestions for good threads, that is a tough one because there are lots of very good ones. The games in The Ivy Bush that are kind of fun. Grondmaster has a trivia thread in General Discussion under JRR Tolkien. I think the best thing to do is to go into each section and just click on a threat that peaks your interest.
There is also a chatroom so drop in and say hello. Smile Smilie
Welcome to PT Tinuviel, I hope you decide to stay. Smile Smilie Nice avatar btw.
Welcome to Planet-Tolkien,Tinuviel. Happy Elf Smilie I hope to see you around the forums and chat.
Welcome to Planet Tolkien, Tinuviel.

Like Rednell suggested, I think your best bet for finding interesting topics is just to browse through a few. At least with them being divided into sections you can decide beforehand whether you want to join a discussion about the books or the films, or the man himself.... or just about anything else in a tavern.

When I first joined it wasn't too difficult to read through the entire list, but that must be rather hard now days for any newbies here.
Hello, and welcome to Planet Tolkien, Tinuviel! Waving Hello Smilie
Thanx everyone! Orc Grinning Smilie I'm enjoying it so far... see you around! Cool Elf Smilie