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Thread: brand spankin new...

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hullo. thought i'd say that before i went around and started talking to all yous. i got hooked by looking for an online text of The Last Ship, for which i most heartily thank Grondmaster. gracias.
Hello, and welcome to PT Whimseydriven, and Erbalwen! Waving Hello Smilie
Howdy Newbies!

Wow, does that mean I'm not a newbie any more?

I guess it does Vee. Wink Smilie
Welcome to Planet Tolkien Whimseydriven and Erbalwen. I hope you both have a great time here. I look forward to seeing the both of you around.
Hi, I am new. Greetings to all you good people out there from Warwickshire England
Hi there. Greetings right back to you Astrid. Big Smile Smilie
Welcome ms Astrid! That is a good and proper scandinavian name you've got there!
It means good and beautiful, did you know that? Smile Smilie
Welcome to Whimseydriven and Erbalwen also, don't think I have greeted you yet. Waving Hello Smilie

Welcome Astrid Happy Elf Smilie Hope to see you around the forums!
Hi there Astrid! Welcome to PT! Waving Hello Smilie
welcome to PT Whimseydriven, Erbalwenand Astrid. We are very happy to have you aboard. I hope that you enjoy all the great things we have to offer at Planet-Tolkien. If you have some time, drop into the chatroom and introduce yourself.
Well welcome to PT!!!!!! That sounds very wierd because I still feel very new even though I've been here since like November I think!! That is still pretty new!! The only person I really know from PT is Lord_aragorn86!! Nice guy real nice guy!!!
Hello to youse all,
Yup, you've guessed it .....I'm new.
I'd just like to say 'glad to be here and I'm looking forward to getting to know youse'
hope to speak to some of youse soon.
Welcome, all four of you! Catch you around, I guess! Big Smile Smilie
Thanks for the warm welcome. Welcome in turn to all the other new fellow. Be seeing you!
am I still considered new to you guys??
Howdy Newbies!

Wow, does that mean I'm not a newbie any more?

yeah i wanna know too. how long do ya have to be a member before you're not new and just one of the members? I've been on for a week now. can someone clear this up for all us semi-newbies
You have to make yourself known to others by posting in various threads. See if you can outpost HobbitHomie05.

Very Big Grin Smilie

Sorry, HH05 - you're cute, keep posting. We need you.
Ahhhhhhhhh!! I'm cute!!!! Man this is just like going down the compliment road when I come to this website!!!