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Thread: Help! Help, help help meeee!

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Hope I've posted this in the right place.
Anyways, I urgently need some advise. I intend to by...A HAMSTER! *insert dramatic music here* But theres one little problem. Ya see, there are two kinds of hamsters, the Russian Hamster (pass the vodka!) and the Sirrian Hamster (probably spelt wrong.). One is a nasty, viciouse, ball of needle sharp teeth and the other is a cute, fluffy little thing with the aggression level of a ball of cottonwool. Now, I want a cute, fluffy, non-aggressive Hammy...but I don't know which one is the non-killer type. The Russian, or the Sirrian? Please help, I don't want to be devourered by a hamster just 'cause I got the wring type!
I'd stick with the "cute,fluffy little thing". Elf Winking Smilie
I'll look it up quick on Google for ya!!! Big Smile Smilie
Russian Hamster

In the Wild

In the wild the Dwarf Cambells Russian Hamster lives in pairs or small groups, developing strong relationships with others in the pair or group. However, once mature they resent intruders and will attack any other hamsters that wander into their territory.

In Captivity

In captivity the Dwarf Campbells Russian Hamster is a sociable pet and will live with another of its own kind if they are introduced when young. However, an older hamster will resent the addition of another hamster which it will perceive to invade its territory and a fierce fight is likely to occur.
Syrian Hamster

In the Wild

In the wild the Syrian Hamster lives alone and is fiercely territorial, attacking any intruders or other hamsters it may be confronted with during its travels.

In Captivity

In captivity the Syrian hamster's solitary instinct prevails and once mature it will not normally accept the company of another hamster. Fierce fighting is likely to occur, particularly at night when the hamsters are active and for this reason they must be caged separately once past 6 to 10 weeks of age.

Hope that helps!!! To me the Russian Hamster seems friendlier because it says it only dislikes other hamsters. Well your only planning on getting one right!!!

If you need more information just ask and I'll do the copy and pasting!!!

-Megan / HobbitHomie05
Syrian hamsters are really cute, too. However, bear in mind, Halo, that hamsters are very short-lived. You will get attached to your pet, and then very soon you will have to copy with its death...
speakin of small hairy things, i just got a mouse the other day. Im a biology student and i stole one of those albino (white) lab mice to keep as a pet, since they were gonna give him malaria. It seemed like a good idea at the time. anyway, if anyone knows anything about mice they may be able to help me cos, it's gone crazy, all he does is run round and round in a circle all day, really fast.... then he goes to sleep.
if anyone's got any clue how to de-crazy-fi a mouse id appreciate it.

if anyone's got any clue how to de-crazy-fi a mouse id appreciate it.

Try giving him a puff of some "Old Toby"! Elf Winking Smilie
maybe you should take it to a vet or something, or get him one of those wheel things so he quits going round in a circle and burns his energy a less annoying way!! Wink Smilie
Give the cat some catnip.

Very Big Grin Smilie
Relax Aminal, you'd go all crazy and run all over the place if you were maleria free. Your squeeky little companion is just glad to be maleria free. Going nuts is just his way of thanking you...unless he's some kind of geneticly modified super mouse. If you rescused another one you could call 'em Pinky and Brain! Also it was very kind to rescue him in the first place, I hate animal testing.
Thanx for the hamster advise everyone. Russian hamster it is...I don't know what to call it though. Of, that reminds me; my friends going to get two new gerbils! And in memory of his first gerbil, Gandalf the Brown and Furry, he's going to names them Fangorn and Aragorn. Three cheers for Devil_Phil and his LotR based rodents! Huzzah!
good advice all round, i think, so thanks.

If you rescused another one you could call 'em Pinky and Brain!

I would have gone for the pinky and the brain idea but one of the lads in my block (im in university halls of residence) is nicknamed "brain" on account of it being his last name. and we all call his girlfirend pinky, so calling a pair of mice pinky and the brain would have got too complicated. I ended up keeping the original name that he had in the lab...... number one!!!!
by the way, i've just got myself an avatar thingy, as you can see.....

this is number one, my pet mouse!!!
Is # one a real name, or are you short on Ideas? My class just got an albyno mouse, because our black and white mouse Oreo killed over. We're calling the white mouse Skooter, and she's a cute little bugger.

this is number one, my pet mouse!!!

Iiii Smile Smilie How cute! And I think the name is very quaint and proper for a mouse.. Is there going to be a Number Two to come? Wink Smilie
I use to try catching mice and put them in jars,I'm now glad I never was sucessful because either I would have (accidently) shook it to death,neglect to put holes in the jar,or even worse starve the poor thing to death,then cry my eyes out...
I was wondering if that was your mouse!! It's soooooooo cute!!!!! Is a rat the same as a mouse?? Because my cousin had rats and (brace yourself this is pretty icky) they ate eachother!!!!
Rats are bigger. Anywho, I used to have a mouse hotel. In the fall, all of the field mice used to come into our house to get out of the cold. I used to catch thirty or forty of them a year. I'd fatten them up on peanutbutter and cheese, and release them into the wild after spring thaw.
I have had mice for 2 years now and I like them much better than gerbils. I would hold and play with my gerbils every day and they would still bite me. I have yet to be bitten by any of my mice.
hold and play with your gerbils eh? "wink wink, nudge nudge" i tend to do that when i'm bored or got an itch down there, but fortunately my pet trouser snake has thus-far escaped being bitten by them pesky pair o gerbils..."phew!"

Very Mad Smilie
Oi, watch the innuendo there aelric (wow that's a good word, innuendo, i didnt know i knew that) Tongue Smilie

Meet number one, the legitimate face of my evil empire Very Big Grin Smilie , (you know, like on austen powers)

anyway, yeah he was called "mouse number 1" in the lab and i thought the name was pretty cool, so i kept it. he says he likes it cos it remindes him of his lab-mouse origins Animated Wink Smilie

oh yeah and he wants to know why there aren't any mouse-related smilies? Pixie Smilie

Yeah mice are quite different from rats, for one thing mice are incontinent where as rats aren't, which is a bit of a b***r when you get them outta the cage to let them walk on your hand or something.

I heard somewhere that mice (and probably all rodents) eat thier young if they are especially stressed, like if in the wild a predator was attempting to eat her babies, she'd eat them herself if they were gonna be lost anyway... it's not evil or anything, just gives them an evolutionary advantage
i like cats, they eat mice and the big ones savage rats too... Tongue Smilie
OOh. yummy! Weed rat on a stick, rotisary stile!